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Monsters come in all shapes and sizes. This one was real.
The monster, out of control, made its way down the two-lane country road. Hiding in the wooded area north of town, it waited as people scattered in pure horror at their first sight of it. With the wind storm urging it onward, the monster hurried forward trapping those on the road too slow, too late leaving town. The monster's roar was the last sound many of them heard.

Finding no new victims on the road after a few minutes, the monster headed to the center of town. The main street filled with homes and stores satisfied its hunger temporarily as it demolished them one after another. The sound of glass windows shattering competed with the loud crashing of wooden walls falling under the monster's brutal attack. People remaining behind to try to save their home or business quickly died instead. No person or building was safe as the monster raced through the small town.

Finally on the far side of town, it began to feel itself weakening. Something or somebody was there trying to kill the monster. It attempted to pull in more oxygen, but failed to find enough to stay alive. Slowly, the monster dwindled down in size. Its terrifying roar became a sizzling whisper as the raging fire ended in a few tiny embers.

The monster was dead, defeated like the bad witch of Oz, by killing it with water.

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