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Rated: 18+ · Assignment · Mystery · #2137721
My antagonist profile for Tangled Roots - MIchale Jorgensen
Michael Jorgensen is a 24-year-old who is about to graduate from college when the accident happens. His father, James, is the county’e judge and Michael, too, is looking to go into law. Since he was born, that is what he has been groomed for.
On the night of the accident, he had been drinking with an hold high school buddy, Riley Beld. They wanted some pot and Riley told Michael his girl could get them some. They are driving out to her house when the accident happens. Michael doesn’t stop at a stop sign and T-bones the vehicle of Elaine Thomas. She has her son Cooper in the vehicle with her. Cooper survives, but says he does not remember anything.
MIchael is 6 feet tall with brown eyes and dark, wavy hair the he keeps cut short. He wears a mustache and tries to grow a beard, but he father doesn’t want him to look like a “lumberjack,” and discourages the beard.
Michael has had several girlfriends, and is more of a playboy. He doesn’t want to get “weighed down” in a relationship. Truthfully, Michael had one girlfriend in high school, Amy Jablonski, who broke his heart. He truly loved her and she dumped him for the captain of the football team. Michael, though athletic, did not play football. He played basketball, baseball and tennis. He was also on the golf team. He just was not good at football and stopped trying to get on the team after he failed to make even the JV team his sophomore year. He even went so far as refusing to go to a football game through all of college. He would go to tailgate parties to pick up girls, but never to the games themselves.
Now Michael is the Murphy County District Attorney. He is married with two children, a boy and a girl. His girl, Ariana, is two and his son, Kenneth, is five and heading into kindergarten. Michael sometimes still has nightmares about the night of the accident. Although he was drunk, he remembers everything vividly. He lost his best friend over the accident, and regrets that as well. He and Riley were very close and did everything together, despite being from two different worlds. Riley’s dad was a mechanic and his mom a secretary. James always wished Michael would spend more time with kids like himself (offspring of doctors and lawyers), But Michael and Riley both loved old cars and cruising around on old dirt roads drinking and blaring music.
Now his hobbies include golfing at the country club and meeting his colleagues for martinis every Friday night after work. He looks forward to the day when he can go to his kids’ sporting events and concerts. He likes to spend time with his kids, but also knows he has an image to upkeep, which keeps him away from his family quite a bit. He works long hours, but is sure to spend Sundays at home with the family. He tries to make up for his past injustice by making every stride to be a good husband and dad. At least this is what he tells himself. But, he is a lawyer at heart, and winning cases is really all he cares about, whether he wins them ethically or not. By doing that, he reasons, he can better take care of his family because he will make more money, be more successful, and on and on.
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