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Albert's back story
Albert Cartland looked out the window of the luxury Rolls limousine and watched the dozen or so children playing happily in the playground across the street. They looked so happy and carefree. It was all an illusion though. They needed to learn that early in life, like he did. He sighed and turned to the man sitting across from him on the other bench seat. "Send the papers out tomorrow to the city to close the park and each of the buildings on the other side of the park. The small business on the bottom floors of the building will have sixty days to move out."

"Yes sir, of course."

He knew he was going to catch flack for leveling the park and the buildings across the street, but it was the perfect place to put in the six story parking complex. He would have revenue coming in for the monthly and weekly parking plus he planned on giving all of the businesses around reduced rates on their employee parking. All the city was going to lose out on was a little greenery and some small shops which were probably only making enough money to keep their owners in a half way livable state. They would probably thank him later.

Albert hit the mice button on the side of the seat. "Take us to the next location, Giles."

"Yes sir," came back through the sound system.

The car started to roll again. Albert had three more locations to decide on. Two he knew he was going to level like the playground area. The third was a bit iffy. It had a retirement Mobil home area on it, which contained about 500 hundred trailers. Claude MacBruster had made Albert a bet and Albert had actually lost. The looser had to spend six months in the trailer park. Albert had sent a junior assistant to the park and rented him a two bedroom trailer. The pictures of the place had shown it was on one of the back streets of the complex, not far from one of two Club Houses. The people on both sides of him were up north in Canada somewhere. The three trailers across the street held a couple who were also up north in Vermont, a retired widowed librarian, and a vacant trailer. Pictures showed the woman to be attractive and about his age.

Albert had made millions taking over other businesses, closing some, leveling some and totally rearranging others. He had been called every detrimental name in the business world that had been invented. Somehow he didn't care. With his money he could buy anything including "friends".  Albert picked up the small picture out of the center council and looked at it. The woman was next on his list to have. He would whisk her away and show her what it meant to have everything she could possibly want. She would be his and only his. A smile slowly took over his face because he knew she would have no choice. After all wouldn't be able to get off his private island.
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