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Antagonist Entry for Octoprep
“Ness, Ness,” Poli shook Niessa’s shoulder to wake her. “Come on, wake up.”
“Is something on fire?” she asked, not interested in leaving the comfort of her and her mother’s bed.
“King Ivor’s man is here, and he’s conscripting people. He’s trying to take my brother, and you have to protect him. Please Ness,” she begged, holding Niessa’s hands so tight she had no choice but to wake.
She stood up, dressed in but a flimsy piece of cloth, common for women in their own beds but never outside of that room. This would have to do today, maybe it would work in her benefit.
The commander stood tall over every villager, as he had his own men roundup a number of boys in a horrible, drawn out process. He was doing this to display his power.
“Hello,” he greeted her with a smile. “Are you volunteering yourself sweetheart.”
“That man and this village are under my protection, I’m here to negotiate.”
“I suppose you might have a thing I want,” he answered, and she forced herself not to cover her chest from his prying eyes. Her body was her power and her tool to protect people. Would sex be the worst price to protect her cousin?
“Introductions first, sir,” she said, looking up through her lashes.
“Commander Tharush Mahr,” he answered, continuing to look her up.
“Lady Niessa Gianne. Now, I’m certain this was all a misunderstanding. Certainly my wonderful, brilliant grandfather would never ask you to harass my family?” she asked with a pout.
“Quite the opposite,” he put a hand on her shoulder. “He asked me to draw you out so I could bring you home. The conscripts are a bonus,” he answered as he forced me about to bind her wrists together like she was a common criminal.
However this allowed her a view of Poli, who looked at the entire situation in horror. There was nothing she, or anyone else, in the village could do to sway King Ivor if his own granddaughter could.
But then, she made it twenty years without his direct attention. It really was a matter of time before she was conscripted as well, wasn’t it?
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