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Pointing out others is not good. Bring positivity in society for betterment.
" First look at yourself than point out others"

You point out others to tell their mistakes. You raise your voice so everyone can listen what wrong thing that person done to you. You let down that person in front of other. You try to make that person's image worse. you smirk and you are waiting for more mistake so that you can get another chance to let down that person

Can't you see ? You are pointing out other from one finger although your remaining fingers are pointing at you that means "First look at yourself than point out others". Firstly, see what behavior you are showing, secondly see your words is it kind or is it hurting someone? Then look at the way you deal with others, look at your attitude and because of these reason when person reflects you back with the same attitude then kindly don't mind it.

You also name it as tantrums. It is not tantrum, you are hurting someone. Your words are not kind enough your behavior is not kind: you don't know how much a person is mentally disturb. You don't know that people have made negative image of that person and the way people look it is killing that person from inside

Why you are pointing at others mistakes? First look at yourself what things you need to improve than suggest others instead of pointing. If you have bring positive change then spread that positivity so that by and by your surrounding can get better.

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