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Practice something for too long and it becomes and ingrained habit.
Have you ever had a bug in the room with you?
Something small and not worth your attention.
Just a high pitched whining.
Instead of letting it get under my skin, I ignored it.
I got so good at ignoring the annoyance, it ceased to exist in my head.
I had to be physically assaulted in order to have it brought back to my attention.
This has proved invaluable in what used to be overly loud places.
I was able to read in perfect silence, in the middle of the cacophony that was the high school cafeteria.
I was able to sleep soundly through freight trains roaring through the night on the other side of a wall.
I also now have to have my name shouted at me to realize that I am being spoken too.
I am in a sound proof room, alone with my own thoughts.
Sorry, what was that?
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