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by Twiga
Rated: E · Short Story · Spiritual · #2138040
Six year old Ella is terrified of Animals until she meets a lucky Black CAT
Once upon a time, a lived a Young Girl named Ella was six years old and very excitable...She was always excited about everything!

Yesterday Ella loved her stuffed animals, today she was afraid of them! She had a dream about scary Animals that attacked her and now she was terrified that had fur, feathers, scales, slimy skin or exoskeletons!

Her Mom and Dad didn't know what to do...Ella shut all her stuffed Animals into a Box insisting she wouldn't sleep with them anymore. And she shrieked whenever she saw a flea or even a butterfly!

"Ella is currently hiding under her bed and won't come out just because she saw a flea." Her Mom said to Ella's Pedatriction.

"I see..." Said Dr. Meeple "...And you say this happened all because Ella had a scary dream about being chased by animals?"

"Ella's always been very...Excitable..." Said Her Mom "...And she always believes everything she sees or hears that scares her."

Of course neither of them could have known that help would be coming down from the sky!

Her name was Burma and she was a very special Black Cat with Psychic Powers...Because she was such an Intelligent Cat she got to work as the Flight Attendent aboard a Flying Boat that could take people to and fro to Fabuland...That special land between Heaven and Earth...Today was Burma's Day Off and she planned to spend it visiting her Fellow Felines...However as the Flying Boat that was taking to Green Meadows USA was about to land...Someone or something shot the Boat...Causing it to desend at an alarming rate! The Piolt managed to save everyone aboard by landing the Boat in the lake.

Despite being a Cat, Burma didn't mind water too much and swam to shore...And she dried her fur Burma thought to herself 'What the heck was that who shot us?'

She had no way of knowing that just a few miles down the road from Green Meadows was the infamous Gotham City and a wicked plot was about to unfold.

"Hey Corless!" Said one of Several Black Masked Hooligans..."I got get sevial more barrels of the Mutagen!"

"Great work!" Said the Leader Corless "Soon all of Gotham City will be trasformed into Animal People!"

At suppertime...Ella's Mom was making Ella's Favorite Supper, Penne Pasta with Marniara Sauce.

"Ella Sweetie!" Called her Mom "I"ve made your favorite Supper! WOn't you come down and eat?"

Ella was hungry after hiding under her bed for hours...Wearily she came downstairs...Too tired to keep a watch for any Fleas.

Slowly she ate...Ella's Mom and Dad hoped she had worn herself out being terrified and this fear of animals was just another one of her 'Kicks' as her Dad called them.

They asked Ella if she could check the mail, which Ella loved to do...Elaa agreed but as she went to the mail box she heard the sound of several trash cans being knocked over!

"What was THAT?!" Ella asked terrified

She cautiously tiptoed over to where the trash cans were...Along the way her bare feet stepped in something stickly and green but Ella thought it was merely chewing gum or melted ice cream...She peered behind a trash Can to see...A Black Cat wearing a flight attendent uniform!

"AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!: Screeched Ella

"Meooowrrr!" Yowled Burma startled by this intrutrution...Burma leaped brushing Ella's Cheek with her furry tail.

However because Ella's bare feet had touched the spilled Mutagen she began to Mutate after being touched by Burma...Horrified Ella screamed as she saw her hands become furry and her nails become sharp claws...She felt her ears become poity...And felt a long, furry tail sprout behind her.

Burma didn't understand what was happening anymore than Ella did, but Burma knew she couldn't leave this girl alone...

As the Mutation completed Ella curled into a fetal postion weeping...Burma purred and said "Don't worry...It'll be all right."

Elle recoiled in horror "You can talk!" She squealed

"I know I can talk." Sighed Burma "But really Animals talk all the time...You Humans simply choose not to pay attention."

"What's happening to me?" asked Ella "Why am I a Cat?"

"I think this isn't a spell..." Burma said "My nose catches the scent of some kind of chemical...So this must be the result of science!"

Even though she had been intially startled Ella was feeling less scared by Burma since she was a Talking Cat. "What do I do?" Ella asked Burma

"Where is your Family

"We live in that cottage." Ella said gesturing to the Cottage they lived in.

"I think we should show your family what has happened...I'll come with you...Since I think I'm the one who caused this transformation.

So they showed Ella's Mom, Dad, her Older Brother Christopher and her Younger Sister Eva.

"How did this happen?!" Asked Ella's Dad.

"I detected the scent of some kind of chemical coming from Ella's Feet.

"You see Ella?" Said her Mom "This is why we don't tromp around outside barefoot!"

Her Dad however seemed to have his priorites straight "What the hck was a chemical like THAT doing in our neighborhood?!"

"I don't know." Said Burma "But earliler today when I was coming to Green Meadows something shot down the Flying Boat I was traveling in our pilot had to land in the lake!

"You travel in a Flying Boat?!" Exclaimed Christopher "That's awesome!"

"I feel responsible for Ella's transformation..." Said Bumra "So I will do my part by protecting her and helping her understand her new body."

"You'd do that for us?" Asked Ella's Dad

"I'm a Lucky Cat..." Said Burma "...Many people believe Black Cats are unlucky but in Scotland they believe Black Cats are lucky and they often give Black Cats as a gift to new brides...If I stick with Ella no bad things should happen to her."

So Burma would stay with Ella's Family as long as she needed to...

Meanwhile back in Gotham City...A Couple of Teenage Thugs were tied to a post and being inspected by Corless's Gang.

"Couple of Juvinile Delenquents..." Corless said shaking his head "Such a shame...Such potentional..."

Corless proceeded to sprikle some different furs over the two Thugs and then he dosed them with the Mutagen.

The Transformaton was almost instantanious! The Larger Thug turned into a Shaggy Brown Dog, and his Slimmer Companion was transformed into a Cat!

"Excellent!" Said Corless

"Hey Man!" Said the Thug who had been transformed into a Cat "What the heck did you transform us into freaks for?!"

"I'm not like you crooks." Said Corless "I have a plan to improve Gotham City...By bringing it back to Nature...By transforming everyone into Animals I believe Gotham will become a more Moral City...

What will happen? Find out next week! Same Bat Time! Same Bat Channel!
© Copyright 2017 Twiga (twiga at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2138040