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by BunBun
Rated: E · Assignment · Death · #2138104
Description is inside of story, (it's too long)
WARNING: This story does allude to death so this may not be suitable for everyone (I did rate it E for everyone since it doesn't involve anything violent).

This is a story I wrote in my creative writing class (which I'm currently taking). I am a bit embarrassed about this one since this was my first piece I made in class. This is based off a true event that my teacher told me about, a co worker of hers lost his wife. He was still torn up about it so I decided to dedicate this to him and his wife; I wrote this the way I felt his wife would act if she was there on the day of her funeral.

New Beginnings

There she was, making her way down the aisle, for the second time in her life. She stood beside her own casket, her gentle hand placed on her husband’s shoulder as the fabric of the suit brushed against her hand while she tried comfort him. Even if he couldn’t see her, she was there.

The spirit frowned as she looked back at her husband, seeing how tired he looked, his eyes glassy. She pinched his shoulder, even if he couldn’t feel it, as if to show her disapproval of how he was taking care of himself. Sighing with a smile, while keeping her hand on him, she guided him down the aisle so he wouldn’t have to do it on his own.

She felt some tears of joy and sadness fall down her full, rosy cheeks. At the end of the aisle, she turned to look at her friends that she had made over the years. They all had tears streaming down their faces, letting out sobs for her; people she didn’t know were crying for her. The matron didn’t want them to cry, didn’t want them to mourn. She wanted them to celebrate her memory, she wanted them to be peaceful, she needed her children and husband to be at peace.

She turned back to look at her casket after they had moved it outside, the gentle woman smiled and laughed as she watched her wonderfully innocent children play in front of it. Kneeling down and smiling at her children, she played with them, even if they were unaware of her presence.

They looked so happy. She was glad, that her children didn’t understand, they would one day but for now they would be unaware. She was glad they were able to enjoy the sunny day; it was gorgeous out.

She stood up, kissing their foreheads and glided back into the building to her husband’s side, intertwining his left hand with her right. She placed her left hand atop of his right before finally resting her head onto his arm, closing her eyes with a smile.

‘I’ll stay by your side for eternity.’

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