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Non-fiction article about Halloween.
Halloween Thoughts and Memories

I remember once reading an interview with the actress Margaret Hamilton, who portrayed the Wicked Witch in the "Wizard of Oz". She said that for many years after that, whenever Halloween came around, she'd put on the old black dress and pointed hat. Then when the kids came to her door, she'd greet them portraying the Witch.

Could you imagine some 8 year old in a cute costume ringing her bell, and being greeted by the Wicked Witch herself?

"Trick or treat! Trick or Treat! I'll give you trick or treat! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!"

Then after that, she'd host a party for all the kids in the neighborhood; and who would have a better Halloween Party than the Wicked Witch herself?

Yesterday I bought packages of miniature Milky Way, Snickers and Mounds chocolate bars, to be ready for anyone who comes to my door this Halloween. The thing is, that I live in a single, rented room that is entered through the back of the house, and Trick or Treaters usually come to the front door. They hardly ever come to mine. So if things go as usual, miniature Milky Way, Snickers and Mounds chocolate bars, will probably be my evening dessert, until Thanksgiving, or maybe even beyond that.

I don't mind when the kids come around asking for treats. That's a good tradition. What I object to is the older kids who come around later, doing damage. I don't mean the broken eggs or shaving cream, or the trees wrapped in toilet paper. I mean acts of actual vandalism. That's one traditon that we can all do without..

Another thing about the vandalism; when the kids who engage in these acts are caught, too many adults excuse it by saying "It's just boys being boys."

I've also noticed that the "Boys who are just being boys." are usually spoiled rich kids. When other kids who aren't spoiled or rich, engage in the same activity, it's called "Juvenile Delinquency."

I'm not saying that all Halloween pranksters are "Youthful Offenders". I know the difference. I remember more than 30 years ago, when another Halloween also occured on a Saturday night. The next morning, there were broken eggs, shaving cream and toilet paper all over town. There were even two broken eggs on a window of my Church, where I'd come to attend Sunday Worship.

About an hour before Worship, one of our neighbors, an elderly Jewish man, stepped inside. He was horrifed by what he saw as "A House of Worship being desecrated."

He said, "Dont wash it off! I'm going to call Newsday, and have them send a reporter and a photographer!"

That would have made more out of a Halloween prank than it was. The man may have been a Holocaust survivor, so I understood his feelings, and I wasn't going to tell him that he was over reacting.

After he departed the window was washed before too many people showed up for worship. I don't know if our neighbor showed up accompanied by any reporter or photographer . If they did, and there was nothing to see, I hope he didn't think that we were being disrespectful to him.

People should also remember, that Halloween is actually "The Eve of All Hallows (Saints) Day"

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