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Is it them who deserves this, or you?
If your ideal pet is an animal that will stay in a cage all day and not whine, then you don't deserve that animal and the love and happiness that they could bring to your life. If you leave you dog outside on a chain, dehydrated and hungry, you deserve it when they decide to act out and defy you. If you lay hands on your dog and beat them, you deserve the excruciating pain the dog gave back to you when they decide they have had enough. Training dogs to fight each other is the reason people made laws to ban Pit bulls in so many states. People training these dogs to fight has gotten over four thousand innocent dogs to be euthanized. These dogs were murdered because some people decided to train there lovable and adorable dogs into attack dogs so they could earn some extra cash on the side. Clueless people say these dog reeds are murderous, what they don't know is that their heartless owners are the murderers. Animals aren't born evil, they are forced into the dark. If you train your animals to fight, you in fact are the ones that deserve to be euthanized. If you beat, starve, or neglect you animals, you deserve the hate and disgust I send your way.

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