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by BunBun
Rated: E · Short Story · Supernatural · #2138153
Well you'll just have to find out now won't you?
Th're once wast a young mistress, the lady hadst fair skin, quite quaint green eyes, and longeth r'd hair yond did rest 'gainst h'r shouldst'rs.

While the lady wast quaint the lady wast fear'd by many...t wast a local legend yond each freckle a r'd hair'd wench hadst wast to representeth a single soul those gents hadst stolen.

This did cause the wench to liveth quite the lonely life, howev'r, as the lady hath grown up the lady beganeth to gaze a c'rtain knave from the safety of the woods.

Th're wast one night the lady wast did allow to seeth the knave, all hallow's eve. Once a year on yond v'ry night the lady wouldst sneaketh into h'r parent's cubiculo and taketh h'r moth'r's hags ballroom mask, this way nay one wouldst suspecteth h'r to beest a beldams and assume the lady hadst did crush up floweth'rs and did dye t to maketh h'r hair r'd to matcheth h'r mask seeing this is what most girls didst on all hallow's eve.

The lady wouldst lodging the mask upon h'r visage and quietly leaveth h'r moth'r's cubiculo bef're dashing from the house to the field wh're the knave wouldst at each moment waiteth f'r h'r.

The two but soft hath fallen in loveth with each oth'r and all hath seemed well until one night the two hadst been holding hands with most wondrous joy, looking longingly at each oth'r bef're the knave wrapp'd his arms 'round the wench, holding h'r tightly. "Might thee taketh of thy mask so I can gaze upon thy lovely visage? " the knave hath asked softly.

The wench wast nervous yet the lady obeyed, removing herself from his arms and tooketh off the witches mask, exposing that lady freckled visage. the lady closed that lady eyes and held that lady breath, waiting for that gent to scream and runneth hence from that lady in fear.

A beat hath passed, "I kneweth t... just as lovely as I hadst imagined... " that gent hath said with a gentle smileth, laying a kiss on that lady forehead. The two laid back on the grass and hath fallen asleep in each others' arms. Little didst those gents knoweth someone wast watching those folk.

The next morning the two lovers awoke to being screamed at, pulled every which way until those gents wast on their feet, wide awake with fear in their eyes.

"It's that lady! It's the witch who madeth this knave that lady slave! They're both unclean! " Screamed a wench.

The "witch " looked up at the one who hadst accused that lady, "You-" the lady paled. This wast the wench that hadst hath tried to seduce that lady love for years and years. The seductress smirked ere hiding t with a behold of terror and misprise. "Ah! mine headeth! mine headeth doth feel as if 't be true it's on fire! She's trying to killeth me! " screamed the wench.

"No! She's ly-" the accused witch cried ere the lady wast struck across that lady visage, "Don't touch that lady! " the knave shouted angrily, the men of the group held down the knave, shoving his headeth to the ground, "See see! She's madeth that gent that lady mind slave! " screamed the evil teenager. "Burn the witch burn the witch! " yelled the crowd.

The villagers dragged the wench and knave, who desperately hath reached for each other, towards the center of town. "Burn the witch burn the witch! " those gents hath continued to chant, tying up the two lovers against a wood cross ere shoving a scarecrow mask ov'r their heads as to not see their wicked faces anymore.

"I'm so sorry" the "witch" hath said in a hath broken voice, that lady handeth just barely able to graze his. "It's not thy fault, besides we can beest together still right? " that gent hath said in a gentle voice with no trace of fear hath left... just acceptance.

As the villagers started the fire the two tied to the wooden crosses they kept quiet, their index fingers curled around the other's. As they burned, their ashes fell upon one another making them one.
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