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Rated: E · Sample · Action/Adventure · #2138174
This is just the first few chapters of this thrilling adventure into the world of dragons.
         I was sitting in my living room with my wife Lily scrolling through the channels when my wife said "stop" let's watch this. It was the news. I don't like the news because it is always so sad and depressing but she wanted to watch it ,so I said "OK". We sat and watched the news, it was not that bad until it started to talk about a little girl 10 years old who was riding home on her bike. Her mom called the police because it had been almost 1 hour since school ended and she was not home. They police investigated the way she takes home. Her bike was found in the woods bent and crumbled.
         I asked Lily can we please turn..... Then before I could finish my sentence, they said another kid was lost the same day at the same place and all they found were roller blades. They said they were going to investigate tomorrow. Lily grabbed the remote before I could and turned the TV off. She told me " I am sorry I just could not watch anymore with the baby on the way I can't even think about innocent children being killed". I said "I agree" Then I rubbed her belly and felt suddenly felt at ease.I can't wait to meet her".
         Then me and Lily went to bed. I had a horrible dream that kids were being kidnapped and killed by something, I could not see it very well it was in the corner, it did not look like a human but a monster it was so weird! I knew it was all a dream though. I woke up the next morning sweating. Lily told me that I woke her up last night cause I was talking, she said I was saying something like, "please don't hurt them, please". she told me I seemed frightened. I told her it was just a bad dream. I thought about the dream all day, I was scared to close my eyes at work. I was worried about Lily and the baby. Then all my worries were gone and replaced with anger, my boss came in and he was the person I hate the most.
         He came in with the same frown-is smile he always does. He told me I had to work late. I told him "No way I have a 8 month pregnant wife no way I am staying late!" He did not like that at all."Unless you want to be fired then I would suggest that you don't argue". I told him "fine, but I want a raise I have been working my butt off and I have been staying late a whole lot so I think I deserve a raise at least!" My boss Just told me to get to work and that he will think about it. I called Lily to tell her and she was not happy she told me "he is working you too hard." I told her I know but, it is OK I can't get fired. I told her I will be home soon and to just stay safe. I worked for another hour then packed up my stuff and left. Then I remembered that the normal way I come home is under construction so I will have to go by the woods were the kids were killed.
         I got my stuff and got in the car. I started to drive, it took a little but then I got to the woods and it seemed like a normal acre of woods. then I saw sparks and got so scared, I lost control of the car and spun off the road. After I got myself together I started the engine and got back onto the road, I zoomed back home and rushed in. I saw Lily on the couch watching TV. She said are you ok? Then I told her that I saw the sparks in the tree, she told me there was probably a campfire around and the sparks flew. I knew that it was more then that there was no light it sight.I thought there was no point in arguing cause even I think I am just being silly. I told her she was probably right and I was just nervous about the new baby. We both went to bed and I had another bad dream. This one was even worse.
         I was in a tower and I saw the same creature in the corner but this time I saw Lily and she was holding a little baby and the creature was about to eat them when I yelled "stop" he turned to me I still could not see his face but it looked long and weird. He told me in a deep,dark voice NO ONE TELLS ME WHAT TO DO!" and he goes over and then another one that looks like him comes in and that's when I wake up. I was sweating again and I saw Lily sitting up with a smirk, she tells me I said " You touch my wife or daughter and I will kill you and everyone you love." Lily tells me she loves me, then gets up to make breakfast. I sit up and think about what I saw and what the creature could be!?!? I also wondered where I was and why I was in a big castle. I saw a bunch of bones and rotten flesh and I thought maybe the thing in my dream is the thing that was killing the kids by the woods. I wondered if he could enter dreams or if it was just in my imagination.
         I got dressed in my clothes for work, put my badge on and went down the stairs. I saw my beautiful Lily in her apron she was making breakfast. I asked her "What's for breakfast?". She told me "Bacon and eggs". I waited a minute or two then saw my plate of crispy bacon and scrambled eggs.I wasn't that hungry after that dream. I guess I looked uneasy because right when my wife put down my plate and looked up at me she said " You had another dream didn't you. " I told her all about it and she said I am probably just paranoid about the baby. I did not know this time it felt real. I saw the burning fire going fanatic on his back. I could smell the smoke. I could hear his roar. I could feel the pain of the kids.It was horrible dream. I thought that I should see a therapist if these keep dream recurring.

Chapter 2
The therapist

         The dream's just kept coming back. They got worse and worse each time. It felt like every time I close my eyes I see that thing, that beast, that... killer. I was so horrified I would not close my eyes.I new that I needed to see a therapist. I went to my desk and pulled out a sticky note and wrote " at the therapist if you need anything call me, Love Dave". I grabbed my car keys and left. It was about a 20 minute drive. As soon as I walked in I saw a lady at her desk writing things down and making phone calls. She had brown hair and green eyes. When she saw me she asked " What can I help you with today sir?", I told her " I need to see a therapist." "OK", she hit a button and spoke, "Hey Lacey, I have someone waiting can you see him?". "Sure thing send him in!".
         I went down a long hallway until I saw a door that said, "Lacey Janet" I knocked and she opened the door. " Welcome, I am Lacey, what can I help you with today?". "Hi nice to meet you Lacey I am Dave, I have been having some very bad dreams and every time I close my eyes I see the thing in my dreams". She asked " What is this thing that keeps recurring in your dreams?" . I told her about the dragon and about how it's a killer and how it is on fire whenever I see it. She asked me " Do you have any family?" I said yes I have a wife, were also about to have a baby." "Well congrats on the baby but do you think it's the baby that is causing this?". I sat and looked at her confused, "How would my baby be causing this?" I asked. She told me " You said this dragon is killing... children right?". "Yes" I said. She told me " well I think you're worried that something is going to kill this child. It is natural for new parents to get this feeling don't worry go home and get some rest OK.". "OK thank you for everything, have a nice rest of your night" "You to" she replied. As I was leaving the room I saw something very strange. As I was opening the door out of the corner of my eye I saw what looked like a spark out the window.
         I was very hesitant to leave the house from then on. I new soon the baby would be born. I was just playing games on the computer when I get a email from my boss, it said:

To: DaveHussle@Hotmail.com
From: Mikelooms@Hotmail.com
Subject: Work

         Dear Dave, I must inform you that you're schedule will be shifting for the next 6-12 months. You will be working, Mondays - Fridays and sometimes Sundays. You will have to work 11:00am to 9:00pm. If this is any inconvenience I suggest you leave and find a different source of payment. You're paycheck will stay the same. You can work 4 hours from home but no more. I am sorry but this can not be changed at all. If you have any complaints please email me back.

         Mike Loomed
         I was so mad. I almost flipped my keyboard. "AHHHHH" I yelled. My wife came rushing in. " What's wrong are you OK!". I showed her my computer and she read the email. "Is that real?" she asked. "Yes it is and I can quit my job. I am going to spend of the next year in that place that is completely unfair. I have a pregnant wife and he puts this on me! I really hate that man he is so evil.". "It's OK honey, you should look into different jobs there are so many jobs out there for you! Think about it!". Lily left the room to go start dinner. I thought about what she said. I looked up, Job openings. A million websites came up. I clicked the first one. It was a long list of jobs and I looked through them all. "Pizza maker...no, Waiter...no, Computer programmer... no there's no good jobs" then I saw it out of the corner of my eye, Veterinarian I looked through it, it was amazing. I signed up and 1 week later I got my new job. I also emailed my boss back!

To: MikeLoomes@hotmail.com
From: DaveHussle@hotmail.com
Subject: Work

         Dear Mike, Sorry to tell you this unfortunate news but... I QUIT. I will not be continuing to work here. I will be leaving tomorrow. I will be getting my stuff and leaving for good. I hope you have a great life, I know I do now. Sorry for any inconveniences. If you need anything ever again please don't email me! Adios,Aloha,ciao Bye-bye

Dave Hussle

         Sending this email felt like I once had a 1,000,000 pounds on my back and it just disappeared and I am free. I love it!WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! My wife reads the email and is in shock. "Did you send this to him already!?" I told her "I sure did!" She started to laugh so hard. "Has he responded yet?" I checked my inbox "nope he has not seen it yet but he will!" That was one of the best days of my life. The dreams had stopped for a while then they came back this time much worse. The dragon was not just eating kids he was terrorizing cities and towns. There was one I remember that where could see the dragon's eyes flaming red in the dark cave. I had to go back to the therapist. Â "Welcome back would you like to see Mrs.Janet again sir?" said the lady at the counter. I replied with a head shake and sat down. She said to go on in. I walked down to the room and knocked on the door. " come on in" said Janet sweetly.
         "Hey come on in take a seat." Janet said as she looked up from her book. I walked in and sat down. "So how's it going?" she asked. " Well it was going just fine, I quit my job and got a new one so that's good.The baby's due soon and so were extremely excited, It was about a week ago when the dream's came back the one's with the beast made of fire. He was back but much worse, it was not just children it was cities and towns and he was coming through and just smashing them down it was horrid.". "Well that sounds tremendously stressful. Has anything happened recently?" "Like I said I quit my job but that was not horrific it was actually terrific. I can't say there has.". She sat and thought for a minute and then grabbed her Ipad. "Are you good at art?". I thought that was a strange question. "I am decent". She gave me the Ipad and said "then draw what you have been seeing.
         I took it and began to draw. I started to draw a big dragon with burning red eyes and a spiky back. It was not the best but I think she got the idea. I looked at it and then I saw a flash. It was of this thing that looked like the fire dragon but it was blue and It was walking down the street of the torn up city that the fire dragon had destroyed. She started talking when I came back to my senses. "OK well this is truly a terrifying figure. When did these dreams first begin?" I explained everything. She showed me these things she called them ink blobs. She showed me them and asked me what they look like. At the time they all looked like ink. But once I really got a good look I saw the thing again but this time it was not the fire dragon it was the blue dragon I had seen just a minute ago. It was like a identical image of the fire dragon I had been seeing but, this one was all blue. It had the same spikes the same face the same everything just blue. He almost looked like a giant ice cube dragon. For some reason this one was different. He walked in a strut. He wore a robe and a crown like some kind of king. I was not sure if he was a good guy or if he was like the fire dragon a evil dark heated freak that killed poor innocent children for no reason at all. He came back a lot after that.

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