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Oct. 20th - Cultural Settings

Oct. 20th

Cultural Setting

Describe the cultural, political and/or religious setting in your novel, regardless of whether the cultural setting is fictional, historical, or modern.

(1) What do your societies believe?

Multiculturalism – Unity of Race, Unity of Purpose
Unity of Purpose and Expansion to the Stars

(2) In what practices do they engage?

Religion is low key in this story.
Focus is on Science and Technology.

(3) What laws or rules of society are in place?

Democracy, unified Government with Colonial overtones.

(4) Who/what enforces the laws and rules and how successful are they?

United Earth Federation is Government.
Enforced by the Earth federated Patrol – Space corps
Space Marines

(5) What technologies are in use?

Technologies are in the future, but not super fantastic.

(6) How does the setting impact your protagonist(s) in their pre-story lives?

Brought up in a World reaching for the stars but confronted by Colonial issues
Similar to India Britain rule.

(7) How does the setting impact the plot of your story?

Underlying comparison to what we can be in the near future.
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