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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2138243
Three people sent to manage a habitat on another world encounter a local.
[1097 words]

Kamper, Tea and Janet had their backs towards the large steel door. Tea clenched her muscles as the group held up another shove to the big door. What strength! Maybe if she could use the beast's strength against it.

The next shove almost took her off her feet.

''Focus Tea.'' Janet called out. ''I told you we can't kill it bare handed. Instead we've got to slip by it and get to the weapons room. Even with the power out we can charge our weapons there.''

''If you weren't so stubborn.'' Tea muttered to herself.

''If you had only charged the batteries.'' Janet said wishfully her eyes landing on Tea.

''I charged them. I dunno what happened. I'm sure. The night before we entered the portal and got into this hell hole our equipment was at full.'' another shove pushed them back. Tea scrambled in the dark to get to her position.

''How did the government get clearance to send us on this planet. The shelter's a mess. First the power went out, now the monster's chasing us! How did they expect us to make this dump hole habitable?'' Tea spat out.

''Relax'' Kamper spoke. He waved the flashlight in his hand in circles, illuminating several parts of the big laboratory. Finally focused on the area in front of them. ''The portal at the other side of the building. If we can reach that, we're home free. The two rooms with constant power are the Weaponry and the Port.''

''Kamper my man, that's kind of idiotic.'' Janet interjected. ''What we really need is the Weaponry. It's up close unlike the Port. It won't be too hard to slip by the monster but it's faster than us. We have better chances of getting to the Weaponry. Come on Kamper, you're a reasonable guy unlike Tea over there.'' Janet smirked as Tea glowered at her. She turned back to Kamper. ''You with me?''

Tea tensed as another shove almost sent them flying.

Kamper looked at Tea to his right and at Janet to his left. His head fell and there was obvious tension in his body. Tea watched as Janet reached out for him and he slapped the hand away.

''No, I'm not. Who knows what caused the malfunction. The Weaponry might have been breached by wild beasts like that one.'' he stated while looking expressively at Janet. Tea had to lean in to see his face though.

''Don't be foolish Kamper. That's not.'' Janet tried to argue buy it was rendered useless when Kamper put his hand in front of her face. He faced the double doors.

''The beast pushes the doors wide open. I slip out and while it chases me you two make a run for it. Straight for the port.'' he stated, looking right at Janet. There was rumbling outside, the beast was coming.

''No you can't.'' Tea pushed Janet out of the way of the opening doors. Looking back she saw Kamper rushing forward. There was a roar and heavy stomping outside.

Tea got to her feet, gesturing for Janet to do the same.

''We gotta.'' Janet gasped but Tea cut her off.

''We can't. Let's head to the weapons room.'' Tea tried to pull Janet left but the woman stood.

''Our destination is the Port.'' she stated firmly. Tea sucked in some air in frustration.

''That's stupid. The weapon room is right there.'' Tea argued but Janet was already off.

''He wasn't stupid, he was brave.'' she yelled behind her shoulder. Tea stared for a moment. She reluctantly followed.

They ran down the dark corridor. Hands in front so they wouldn't fall.

As they were nearing their destination there was a blood-curling scream.

Janet hesitated for a moment but Tea grabbed her arm and pulled. Their eyes met. Hopelessness became hope and Janet rushed forward.

They reached the Port. Both of them immediately sat on the computers and not soon after a round green portal opened in the center of the room. Janet was already up, staring reluctantly at the portal and then at the door. Tea pushed one last button and sighed as she got up.

A roar along with some heavy stomping acted as their cue.

Janet extended a hand and Tea took it. They exchanged a nod and rushed forward. Arms extended forward. An inch from the portal, almost touching it. And then they went through. Through the air. Both stumbled as they got their bearings, having to let go of each others hands in order to not drag the other down.

There was a crash. Tea turned around and found herself face to face with the beast.

Slow clapping resonated across the room.

''You should've gone to the Weaponry.'' a familiar voice stated.

Tea turned towards Janet. She was gasping, hand over her mouth.

''You.'' she uttered.

''Yes me.'' Kamper walked out from the beast's shadow. He smirked at Janet. ''I drained the batteries, I stopped the power, I controlled the beast and I trapped you here far from the Weaponry and shut off the portal. You impressed?''

Tea noted that Janet was clenching her fists.

''What? You want to dominate the new world or what. Knowing that the government wouldn't be bothered with the loss of such a boring planet.'' Tea guessed.

''Yes and together we will populate the world.'' Kamper smiled at Janet who stepped forward.

Tea watched through a green tint as it all unfolded.

''Together? You and me. But I don't know you. You're not Kamper. You're an enemy. A beast that looks like him. You're not my friend.'' Janet stated. Tea couldn't see her face but she could see her hand going up to her eyes and could hear her sniff. ''Therefore I'll crush you with my bare hands.''

Janet rushed forward.

The beast moved its arm. Droplets of green tinted blood sprayed the stoic Kamper.

''You're right I'm not the Kamper you knew. How you liked that weak guy remains a mystery to me. Say, Tea, we don't talk much but.'' his eyes widened when he turned to look at Tea. She looked down at herself. Green tinted, most of her body had already passed through the closing portal.

''I did say it's easy to slip by a beast, though too bad I couldn't attack. I was confident I charged the batteries Kamper. Going for the Port, it got me suspicious, you're usually more logical. I programmed another portal to open just in case. Poor Janet. Have fun in your Eden.'' the last moment she saw of Kamper he was glaring at her.
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