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by Raven
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This is just some short stories about my hauntings. Enjoy!
My short scary stories.

I know all of you may not believe in ghosts, but I have been haunted most of my life. My haunting started at age 5 in my Puallup home. It was a nice house that was a perfect home or three....not two.
When we moved into the house everything smelled of wet dog and dirty diapers. Mom would have to carry me up the stairs because the carpeting wasn't put in and it was just nails.

My room was a light lavender with a large bed and purple quilt. I was your normal 5 year old bubble spirit.
         I was playing alone in my room when a girl about 8 walked into my room. She wore a pale blue dress and wore her brown hair in the braid. Her dress looked like Cinderella's but it stopped at the knees. I asked her if she wanted to play with me. She said yes and said her name was Lucial. I called her Lucy. For some reason she would call me Sally. I didn't know why.
         Halloween was around the corner and I wanted to be Cinderella. My Oma made a pale blue dress that stopped at my knees....Just like Lucys . Lucy smiled at me, I felt my stomach turn. While at the dollar-tree with my babysitter I saw a blue and gold moon mask. I asked if I could get it for my costume. When I got home Lucial was in my room and it was a mess! "You were suppose to look like me!" she shouted and threw a book at me. I told mom what happened but she thought it was a pretend friend. I went back to my room and Lucy was gone. I never ever saw her again. I think she was glad that I was gone.

         This story was at my house where I live today. I only saw it that day. Will it be the last?

         It was mid summer and I was hanging out in the front lawn. Everything was quite accept the blowing tress and singing birds. A long breeze came and I went to grab my jacket. It wasn't where I left it. Strange....I thought. I looked around for my jacket and that was when I froze. I saw a wispy black human like creature but it was on its belly. It looked at me then crawled or whatever it did, sideways down the stone wall. For some reason I never told anyone. I found my jacket in the tree in our yard. I have never seen the shadow creature since.

         This happened during my vacation to South Dakota. We were staying in a nice hotel and when we entered our room I felt.....Uneasy...most of the time I would have brushed off the feeling but....it wouldn't go away. I was use to high heat since my mom always had the heater on. My Great Grandma and Grandma were saying how hot it was. I was ice cold and the heater was on. That was not the only strange thing that happened. The next morning I had five bites across my chest. Not only did it look like flee bites but it was in a cross. Was it just a thing that happens or was it Paranormal.

         This story happened around the age of eight but I don't really know. It was my Uncles wedding...second wedding. We were staying in a place that looked like you stepped into the homes World War two. My two cousins and myself. I was walking around the house that I was staying in with my Grandparents and was exploring. I was looking at a photo of some solders. They were in uniform and in a line, they weren't smiling. I tilt my head to the side and I keep looking at the photo. There're eyes looked dead....blank and creepy. The eyes were just white. No color of life in them at all. I was kinda scared by the photo so I left the house. My two VERY smart LOVELY cousins wanted to carve there names INTO one of the OLD poles that was part of the house I..let me repeat The House I was staying in. I told them it wasn't a good idea for this place may be haunted. They laugh and so it anyway. That night I was laying in bed and I couldn't sleep. There was a strange draft and the air felt heavy......eriely heavy. WHY DID THEY HAVE TO CARVE THEIR NAMES! FREAKING COUSINS!

This story isn't related to MY hauntings but one of my uncles.

         It was night time and I was tucking in Mike when he told me "There's a man in the house! There's a man in the house!". I tensed up a bit but then relaxed. Though I believed in ghosts I knew the house couldn't be haunted... Could it? "There is no man in the house it's just me and you and your dad is at work." I told him and walking him though the house to show him there is no ghost. I put him to bed then went to go watch some TV. I saw a shadow that looked like a man in a top hat with a waist coat pass the TV. I turned off the TV. "I'm going to bed." I stated to myself. I thought my mind MUST be playing tricks on me to see that, but it wasn't the last time I saw the shadow man.

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