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Birds that can confuse hunters with their calls.
Birds That Mimic

As a big part of our conservation efforts we must protect animal populations so they can reproduce for another season. The loss of entire species is not only heart breaking but means that the species is no longer available for hunting. A part of the enjoyment of hunting is eliminated.

One of the things that hunters must do is to be sure of what they are shooting. A couple of birds in Newfoundland cannot be hunted but mimic the sounds of birds that can. This can be confusing for hunters during the excitement of the hunt.

It is illegal to hunt crows in the province of Newfoudland. They can, however, mimic other species that can be hunted. My boyfriend was hunting for duck one afternoon, and he was sure he had come across a duck in the branches of a tree. He used his duck caller, and a large crow flew from among the leaves where it had been concealed. If he had taken the shot, it would have ended up in an illegal hunt. Thankfully he had the presence of mind to not shoot what he could not see. When these birds visit my bird feeder, in my yard, I have heard crows sound like starlings, blue jays and sparrow hawks. It can be confusing.

Speaking of blue jays, they are the other species that I want to point out. Their normal, loud screech can sound like other birds as well. They are not usually quiet, but I have heard them closely resemble robins. They can even mimic the aggressive call of the eagle. Again, confusing and able to put any hunter off their game during a hunt.

Protect bird species and your ability to hunt by making sure that the bird you aim at is the one you want. Don't be taken in by imposters.

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