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An old witch wants to know what youth is like.
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Emanuela walked around her old dusty house. Grays and blacks dominated the old wooden cottage. She weaved through cauldrons, glass containers and fat dusty books to reach her wardrobe.

''Oh my. My lucky coin.'' she said in the most old lady sounding voice there could be. She bent down to get her prize. There was a pop. She reached for the nearby chair to steady herself, however the moment she grabbed it she realized it was a rocking chair. Falling to the side she grabbed onto the wardrobe and barely managed to properly steady herself.

''Whatever, I'll just drink that old luck potion I had saved up.'' her voice was spiteful as she opened the wardrobe door. The smell of mold and stuffiness entered her nose and she was quick to close the door.

''Yeah I'll do that. I gotta get some new clothes from the city. Might as well get lucky and strike a bargain.'' she weaved through the hazardous tables, chairs and magical appliances like a pro and entered the another room.

''Oh my. My lucky purse, better get it.'' her voice filled the cottage. Pop. ''On second thought I'm good.''

The old witch walked outside her cottage. Out the door and through the swamp bounced up and down in appreciation of the gloomy weather..

On her way she passed through a clearing and saw a dragon playing around with a knight like a cat would play with a mouse.

Emanuela gave Kenivir the Dragon a nod of acknowledgement which he returned. In the dragon's lapse of attention the knight stabbed his sword into the dragon's paw. Kenivir blew a stream of fire and let the knight flail.

Emanuela allowed herself a small smile. On top of a tower a princess was giggling at the sight of the knight's peril.

Emanuela walked forward.

A hour or two of walking later and the witch found herself in front of the city walls. On her way to the gates a group of children took turns shoving her aside. Emanuela might be a hag but the last child in the row got turned into a frog.

She stared contemplatively at the little froggy jumping around. Images of Little Emanuela came to mind. The little girl with the warts and the double chin which everyone kept their distance from. Little Emilia had to grow up fast. Witch became a viable profession.

Emanuela fixed her clothes and headed through the front gate. She walked down the main square. Several people were giving her the stink eye and a lot of those who noticed her were clutching to whatever was nearby. One man was notably hugging his camel.

She veered to the side, down a dark dead end alley. A pimp was walking down the street with whores to spare. She smiled at little Johnny, or the person who used to be little Johnny and gave him a fist bump. He immediately dropped his poker face and gave her an one armed hug as they passed by each other.

''How's it going Granny Emmy?'' the man whispered.

''Good, good. You treating the girls right? By the way do you know someone who can provide me with some clothes?'' she asked.

The man took a step back and pointed at an even darker and even deader alley. Granny nodded and departed. A few minutes later Emilia was out of the alley, with a whole wardrobe strapped to her back.

The witch walked back on her trail. At the same clearing she saw the dragon lying on the ground, several swords sticking out of it, looking more bored than anything. An army of knights was riding away on their mounts. The princess riding on a white horse, behind her beloved waved at Kenivir the Dragon screaming something about seeing him Wednesday.

The witch waved at the dragon and it acknowledged her.

Moments later they were walking together. The two talked as they walked.

''I was thinking you know.'' the witch stated.

Kenivir growled.

''Don't be smart with me. Anyway. I was thinking of my youth. Or more like the lack of my youth. It's like I've been an old hag all my life. Even if I turn into a young lady the responsibilities, the experience weights on me.''

The dragon roared.

''Yeah I agree. It's like we're stuck in some kinda. How do I say it? A circle. Going around accomplishing nothing.''

Kenivir roared towards the heavens.

''You're not the only one who wants a second chance at youth believe me.'' she stared at the cloudy sky above her, it looked like it was about to rain. ''The wind sure is strong eh?''

Indeed the wind was blowing strong on both sides of her slowing her walk to a halt.

''Wait, this isn't natural.'' the ropes holding her wardrobe snapped and the wardrobe went flying. Emanuela turned back and watched in shock as the wardrobe opened into a wormhole that sucked in the air around it.

She watched as fire engulfed the wardrobe. Space around it twisted and the fire entered the wormhole.

Emanuela felt herself being dragged.

She smiled sarcastically at Kenivir. ''What's more youthful than an adventure? Us and our big mouths.''

She was sucked towards the wardrobe. Space bent around her as she entered and then there was darkness.

Emanuela woke up at a clearing. Glancing around she found pastel green grass. The sun shone brightly. She shook her head for a moment to get a sense of it all.

She looked to her side and gasped. Kenivir was now about the size of a mount. The dragon looked startled when it saw her.

Now that she noticed. Wasn't the ground closer.

Oh god.

She reached into her pocket for a mirror and looked at her reflection. What stared back was a young girl with a lot of warts. She took a moment to magic them away. What stared back was a charming young girl.

''We were told by a prophecy that a witch and a dragon would appear on this spot.'' Emanuela turned to the source of the voice. Knights. With all kinds of hair colors all kinds of armor and weapons.

She dropped her mirror laughing at the one who had addressed them. Pink hair. What a riot. Someone should beat some sense into that kid.

Emanuela reached down and picked up the mirror. There was no pop.

She glanced at her dragon companion. A fire burned in his eye.

Well since she was here. A nasty grin spread across her face.

''Might as well be me. Let's get reckless''
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