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The Melodious Climax

Alone. At last. One would think that I might do all kinds of things with that new toy I bought last month; after what he has put me through. No. Not this time. I just want to let go. He always hated the piano, but tonight he was not here. I nearly stomped down the hall with pride and confidence toward my piano. The house that once was my great grandmother's is now my own. It was a very illustrious moment, with this inheritance; and even more so that no one else had rights to it, not even him.

I set my wine glass down on that perfect spot on my piano; that had a permanent ring engraved in the wood from where my glass had sweat many other times before. I slid my house robe off on the bench and was in nothing but my silky night dress as I sat down. I cracked my fingers one good crack before I began. I looked out the window at the waves crashing the shore line, and let that be my inspiration, as I began to play.

Music notes escaped my fingers like a fiery rage! The melody of my favorite piece, played harder and faster than any other time that I had ever played it. It was as if, I was making love to the piano with my fingers. I played until I had reached my melodious climax! My hands lifted high in the air at the last stroke of the keys. I took an orgasmic breath of relief when the song had finished. I sat for a moment, let the endorphins swim, as I smiled. The piano always did so much wonders for my nerves, but this was truly exotic. No need for that toy after all, I smirked.

*Clap......... Clap......Clap*

The clap sounded sarcastic, and for a moment, I thought he was there, and sighed, but wait, "That's impossi...." I breathed as I turned and gasped. No one was there!

I swiftly stood up knocking my wine glass on the floor. It shattered, and wine spilled all over the old wood floor. "Come out!" I demanded. Even though fear had plastered my face, I stood trying to be calm. Nothing could deter my feelings of this glorious moment after all I had been through. Nothing!

I walked over to the curtain on the opposite window where I thought I had heard it. My face paled, my heart stopped, my brain swam with fright. I nearly lost consciousness as the room around me grew dark for a moment after I read it.

You're mine!

It was written in cold scratchy black ink much like his hand writing. "No!" I said "Impossible." I told myself, as I fell to the wall, hands out, catching myself before falling to the floor. After gathering my thoughts, I laughed a silly laugh. I looked around the house to find no-one there. It was just all my imagination, I reassured myself, laughing like a nervous school girl. Maybe I drank too much wine. I went to the kitchen, grabbed a towel, came back to the room to clean the wine and glass the best I could. I threw the whole rag in the trash can not caring.

At the far right corner of the room, sat my book shelf, and my great grandmother's vintage green chair. Maybe I just need to sit back and read, and relax a bit more. I thought. If it was not the piano, reading was the next best thing to restoring my nerves. But that piano though, I had never played like that before. Suddenly, my inner thighs tingled for more. Curiosity, had me walking back in the direction of the piano. I even sat down to play. This time I played rather slowly. I could not get the melody right so I stopped.

*Clap... Clap...Clap...* The sarcastic clap returned. Without hesitation, I looked in the direction in which it came.
For a second, a ghastly figure appeared before me. It appeared to be in the form of him. I blinked twice, and it went away. An electrifying sound soon filled my ears. It sounded as if needles and wires were twining together. The sound grew louder and louder as I sat still. My body was induced with panic, as I fell off of the piano bench. I got up and started running from the unseen.

I ran down the hallway not stopping even after I saw the Your mine written on the walls in the same ink and handwriting as before. I ran through my kitchen and out the back door that lead to the bay. The sound grew louder in my ears, even though I left the house. It was dark but the moonlight lit the bay pretty well. On the cold clay ground, underneath my house, laid THAT ax. I almost shuddered because I could have sworn I had disposed of it. I grabbed it anyway. It was like I was re-living my trauma all over again except worse.

I clenched the ax with my hands with a gorilla grip. I frantically looked all over the bay and searched for... nothing. The bay had been unearthly vacant of anyone or anything. The electrifying sound minimized but my ears began to ring. The moonlight lit the bay in an eerie fashion, so I still felt safer in my great grandmother's home. "No! My home." I told myself firmly. I took the ax with me to be prepared if something showed. I did not go back down that hall. Instead, I walked to my room on the other end of the house. It was, after all, early morning. Maybe that is all it was. Maybe I was suddenly delirious from lack of sleep and too much wine.

I crawled in bed. I sat up in bed for a minute still holding the ax. I was wide eyed, as I looked around in the darkness. The ringing began to grow louder as the whole room started to quake. The ringing abruptly stopped and the room stopped quaking. I knew; however, that I was not truly alone and whatever "it" was, was still there. The sudden quiet in the room, was louder than the two noises combined that bothered me earlier. I felt as if the ax would not do. I put it down on the floor and turned on the lamp that had been sitting on the night-stand beside me. I'm not sure why I did not think to turn on the lamp to begin with, I suppose fear makes one do crazy things.

In the drawer of the night-stand, I kept a small hand-held revolver. I lived secluded on this bay, so I figured a revolver might come in handy. I felt like I was more like myself, now that the ringing had stopped. What was I thinking? Grabbing an ax? That's just juvenile. I chuckled. Now this revolver, this is more like me. I held the gun with perfect posture. What seemed like an hour had passed, and I had felt nothing. Saw only emptiness. My eyes grew heavy, my body warm. I felt almost too warm. I almost gave into my tired delirium and chalked it off as such. Then my body became immobilized. I could not hold on to the gun any longer it fell onto the pillow. Dread permeated my face and my skin turned gray as I began to sweat profusely. Paralyzed. Every ounce of energy had been drained from me to move. I heard a strange voice and it sounded exactly like his except with static.

"Where is that confidence now love?" It said.

The covers jerked off of me, as a ghastly figure of my husband formulated itself into a humanoid being on top of me. I could not move my head away from him. He forced me to look at him. I always found my husband very attractive it was one of the reasons why I stayed with him so long. He moved using the power of seduction as he was alarmingly gentle when he reached for my hand. He wanted me to know that he was tangible as he moved my hands to touch him. He was.

Everything about him emulated my husband perfectly. He let me trace every groove and crevice of his skin that outlined his muscles like a smooth soft linen on his back. He led my hands all over his body until I was no longer afraid. He led my fingers down the sharpness of his strong jawline as he made me look into his beautiful blue eyes. He had smokey blue eyes that shined with his smile and just like that he had me under his spell. He could feel the heat rising within me. He fed off it. I was enticed and he knew it. My body yearned for him and I could not control it. In fact, I do not know if I wanted to. I just wanted him. I needed him. Feeling the need, he too was more then ready.

I heard the music again. The same music I had played just hours before this. The melody of my favorite piece played harder and faster as our bodies matched the rhythm of the music. My back arched and I writhed under him as my thighs clenched his body. It was pure magical bliss as our bodies intertwined, and as the music reached its beautiful climax, so did I!

He fed. Oh what a pretty enticing little catch.He drained and fed with every twist and every turn.
He fed off all of my energy and strength. He did not waste one second. He fed off of my euphoria. He drained from my ecstatic height. He had me in a trance that I never once noticed the drain. I merely thought my weakness was the same as any one might feel after such an experience.

Oh God! Where was this our entire tainted marriage? My mind raced with thoughts. You could have been this way toward me, instead you abused me. For many years I put up with the abuse, hoping for just one night like this one. But nothing. Why? Oh God! IT WAS SO GOOD! Why was it so good? I hated and loved it so much. I was so confused. Maybe I would not have done that to him, had this been more frequent in our marriage. Maybe he'd still be alive........... Horrified at my realizations. The thoughts of what I had done surfaced hard as I opened my eyes that had been closed the entire time.

"You liked that. Didn't ya Bitch?!" The voice was textbook. My body was entrenched and my head nodded. It was true. It was so unbelievably true. I did like it. Hell, I loved it!

Hell is right pretty little thing. His eyes twitched as he sat up from being on top of me. He sneered and crooked his head as he read my thoughts.

"Let's see how you like this" The humanoid figure said so monotone with echoes of the electrifying sound from before. He instantaneously changed into his true form.

My eyes widened and began to wildly burn as tears pulsed for their escape but I could not blink. I wanted to know what it was, and why it was after me. I wanted help. I wanted to escape. I tried with all my might to move but not one muscle could not even a twitch.

You poor thing. You want to know what I am. the hideous creature before me spoke with a deep powerful voice that even had a bit of etiquette in it. The voice no longer held my husbands resemblance. It sounded evil. Demonic. Why? Many thoughts circled my mind as I looked this creature in the face and my heart began to thud loudly in my chest. Finally it allowed my eyes to flood tears down my now washed out near death face.

Tis not my normal way to do things dear. He scoffed.Your dealing with an ancient Incubus darling. I have been around a very long time. It was a thrill to drain you of all your life. Would have been fun to toy with you a few years even. You sure are a pretty little thing. He slowly backed off of me and walked toward the far left corner of the room. He was confident now that he had drained every ounce of life force from me. He let go of his hold. He stood there for a moment and watched just to be certain. He was right. I felt him loosen his binds but I still had nothing left. It was like he allowed just enough strength for me to talk.

"Wh...why?" was the only word I could muster.

Lets just that you should not have offed her brother sweetheart. He cackled. Again, tis a pity. I would normally not have done things this way.

He then used his power to control my hand and I reached for the gun that had fallen, when the covers came off. Streams poured out of my eyes because I knew what was coming. My hand forced the revolver to my face, and pushed the gun in my mouth. I could not control it.

"Now, You're mine." The voice shouted and shook the entire house. Fear, stopped my heart before the explosion went off and blood and brain scattered about the room.


Several hundred miles away...

Seconds after she closed the book and dust from the book flew in her face; she looked up from the her seat. Her eyes peered in the dark corner of the room as she waited. When she knew he was there, she spoke.

"That was fast. I take it the deed is done?" she asked as she set the book on the end table beside her.

Yes. It is done. Just as you asked. She was a pretty little thing.

"Not as pretty as me though. I take it you had fun then?" she smiled wildly.

Why of course. But you know I do not like messy. The demon incubus appeared to her in her favorite humanistic form in the light.

"No but it was a deed that needed to be done. I knew you were strong enough to handle it." She said as she walked over to him.

I suppose you will show your appreciation now.

"Of course." she teased with a kiss. He kissed her back as a strange melody began to play. "What is that?" she asked.

Oh I think you will find you love it. It truly is a phenomenal melody the demon hissed. He pushed open his coal colored wings through his back with one loud crack of the humanistic skin as he kissed her deeply. He then pushed her down on the bed located in the center of the room. As to trick her with seduction he leaned in to her licked her earlobe and whispered I really do not like getting messy. He kissed it again. He looked at her with a devilishly wild grin as he said You're mine.

They twisted on the bed in a dance of euphoria as the incubus drank in more power and the music played harder and faster.

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