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Setting of my new story
Maggie looked out the front window of her pale blue Landrover and watched the waves slowly eat up the shore and then recede. This spot was the best part of the ten mile long sand which ran along Shell Mound Beach. She loved coming to this area, the salt air, sun, smiling and laughing people, always lifted her spirits. It was almost one hundred percent tourist oriented, but the business' and the few residents who called the ribbon peninsula home had kept the place with an old time feel. None of the numerous small business were more than one story tall.. Two business were larger. One was TJ's Restaurant, which had a family restaurant along the main two lane road and a Lounge in the back of the long building.

Across the shortest of the three bridges, which allowed access from the mainland, was The Tower Hotel. It have 12 floor. The eleventh floor was a rotating five star restaurant, pricey but well worth the expense. Maggie could see it in her rear view mirror over the top of the small strip mall which bordered the park she was sitting in.

Looking at her watch she started the car and headed home across the bridge at the south end of the beach. Home was a small two bedroom Mobil home in a spacious 55+ retirement park. There were about 500 homes, two clubhouses, three pools, a nine hole golf course, a shuffleboard pavilion and all of it was connected by a thin two lane paved ribbon of road. There was always something going on at one of the clubhouses or at a friend's house.

After about ten minutes, Maggie pulled into her driveway. Her home was pretty typical for the area. A screened in side porch, lead into the home. The kitchen took up the front quarter of the long Mobil. When you entered the main door you arrived in the living room. Farther back were the two bedrooms and the bath. The first bedroom was small, but the second bedroom took up the back quarter of the building. Maggie had decorated it simply. Comfortable furniture, pictures on the walls of the kids and grandkids, friends and places she had visited.
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