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The other obligations of hunters.

Conservative hunting is a responsibility all its own. Hunters and anglers owe it to future generations to assure that they can enjoy the hunting and fishing experience for years to come. But there are other obligations that outdoorsmen hold.

Joining Hunting Groups

Hunters need a voice. Make your voice heard when it comes to proposed legislation and social outdoor issues. There are many provincial associations for outdoorsmen. Being a member in good standing of some these groups can make it possible for hunters and anglers to shape the future of hunting and fishing in Canada. Speak up for yourself and other hunters and anglers.

The Ontario Federation of Hunters and Anglers (O.F.H.A.)is one of these important groups. There are many other groups in the community and online, such as this group. Feel free to join these groups. Most are non-profit.

Pass It On

Hunters and anglers are familiar with the environment and the issues that concern species. They are familiar with the current populations of animals. They know about bag limits and how to handle a harvested animal. Hunters and anglers are aware of the different hunting and fishing seasons that are in place.

It is the responsibility of all outdoorsmen to get involved and educate other, less experienced, hunters and anglers about the rules. They have an obligation to make sure that the rules are followed by other outdoorsmen and to report when the rules have been broken. This is the only way to protect responsible outdoorsmen and the future of hunting and angling.

When On Other People's Property

You can only hunt on someone else's property with the written permission of the land owner. This makes perfect sense. There are certain ways to conduct yourself when hunting on others' property.

1)Respect and protect all the structures on a landowner's property.

2)Get to know the concerns of the landowner about the enironment, the species that frequent their land and other hunters.

3)Offer to help with chores that need doing on a landowner's land.

4)Show the appreciation for the privilege of hunting on someone else's land with a gift or a portion of your game.

5)Get the landowner's permission to bring another hunter into the hunt.

Respect Non-Hunters

Not all people feel comfortable with hunting and angling. Here are a few tips for enjoying the hunt while still respecting the opinions of non-hunters:

1)Don't leave your harvest in your vehicle or yard where it can be easily seen.

2)Strictly adhere to safe transportation of the harvest and practise firearm safety at all time.

3)Leave you hunting ground pristine.

4)Be respectful in your appearance and manner during the hunt and refrain from using alcohol.

5)Share your knowledge with other hunters.

Respect Animals

Don't torture or cause unnecessary pain or suffering to any animal. Make sure you shot is clear and quick. Always remember that the success of a hunt is measured by the quality of the hunt, not the numbers that you catch.

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