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This is about me and my ex, it didnt turn out like this, but it still gave me the idea
A very long time ago, in a village far away there lived an unassuming knight called Rufus.

Now Rufus was as brave, chivalrous and honourable as any knight should be, but he was also shy, quiet and prefered it if people didnt notice him, but all that changed one night in the tavern.

Sitting at the back out of everyones way, he could hear the villagers talking about a Dragon Girl who was terrorising villages and towns in the Vale.

Slightly drunk by now, Rufus decided to see what the problem was, after he finished his beer of course.

The next morning he woke groggy, saddled his horse and set off to find this Dragon Girl. About 3pm he reached the first village said to be attacked, steeling himself he rode through the gates to see that there was no burnt buildings, no piles of dead, nothing to imply a Dragon attack.

Spending the night in the village, he asked the locals about the Dragon Girl, they all said he should visit the market town, he'd get his answers there.

Arising bright and early, he rode out, half curious half wondering if he was on a wild goose chase.

Upon reaching the market town, he hailed the guard and asked them about the Dragon Girl terrorising the locals. To his amasement they laughed!, "visit the Apocathery one said, you'll understand then".

Figuring it was too late by that point, he found a local tavern and settled in. The next morning he duely set off for the Apocathery, reaching the door he froze for a second unsure as to what he would find on the the other side.

It turns out he was completely unprepaired, opening the door, he saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

She had hair the colour of fire, her body was all curves and her clothes fitted like a glove. at that point she turned to face him and he knew he was lost.

She had the grayest eyes he had ever seen, almost like a stormy sky, she had two grazes on her face, one under her jaw and on her cheek, and her smile just floored him. He was head over heels in love.

"Im here to ask about the Dragon Girl" he stated, wondering how he could ever recover from this,
She laughed "thats me"
"Yes, theres a legend that my family has dragons blood in our veins, hence the hair"
"Oh, well i guess nobody needs saving then"
"Yeah, im a knight, figured id slay this Dragon Girl everyone was talking about" meanwhile thinking he'd do anything to stay with her
"Oh, so you will be going home now then?" He wasnt sure, but did she sound like she'd rather stick around?
"Well, i could pick up some stuff i cant get in my village"
"Oh good she smiled, maybe we can get a drink together"
Oh my god he thought, "id like that"

That night they met, and seemingly clicked instantly, he was feeling things he had never felt before, and was terrified everytime they met up to talk.

and then the moment came that he never dreampt would, she kissed him, the only problem was he had to leave the next day for two weeks. Saying goodbye was the hardest thing he had ever had to do, so much so that he nearly stayed.

Well it was a long two weeks, a very long two weeks and near the time he was to head back he realised that it was infact going to be more due to where he was traveling through.

feeling dispondant and a wee bit upset, he set set off, wishing again he had never left her side. Reaching the village where he was staying the night, he trudged into the tavern when suddenly someone grabbed him from behind, turning, he started to draw his knife when he came face to face with the last thing he expected - his Dragon Girl!

Smiling he picked her up in his arms and swung her around, "what are you doing here?"
"Suprising you" she said smiling "i couldnt wait to see you again"
At that point he kissed her "i never want to be apart from you again" and when she looked down his heart dropped
"Id like that" she said
"You and me against the world"

And with those six words the quiet unassuming Knight did infact slay the Dragon Girl but in a way neither of them had ever expected, and the stories told by the villagers spoke of a fierce battle between a unexpected hero and an evil menace.

How after hours of fighting, the knight lay there exausted, the dragon came in for the kill, but the knight lunged and pierced the dragons heart just as the dragons teeth impailed him and they died in each others arms.

And at the back listening, sat a bearded man in a cloak and a woman with wisps of red hair falling out of her cap, they smiled at each other, finished their drinks and left the villagers to their tales.
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