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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Romance/Love · #2138658
A guy fixes his life thanks to the monster under his bed.

Frank walked up to the customer. He passed the food over the counter and gave the customer a winning smile.

''Your food sir. No pickle just like you ordered.''

The man in front of him stood stoically. His nose twitched. Was he sniffing?

It twitched again.

The customer's glare pierced Frank. A sudden hand movement and the sandwich was splattered across Frank's face.

''That there ain't a pickle I suppose.'' the man pointed at Frank's cheek. Frank reached out and plucked whatever the customer was pointing at. Looking down, he was holding a pickle.

''Our apologies sir. We'll get you a pickle-free sandwich right away. We'll also add in a coupon as a token of apology.'' Frank smiled one last time before he went back to the kitchen.

Back in the kitchen he found Rachel giving the orders to the guy in charge of cooking. Frank gave her a nod.

''Hey Rachel. Can we switch. There's a really scary guy and he, you know did this with the sandwich.'' Frank stammered. Rachel walked past him.

''Okay. Thanks for listening.'' he muttered.

He walked forward through the door. He was home. Dark, long, featureless.

''I'm home.'' he said to himself.

''Now, I'm gonna sit on the computer and unwind for a bit and then I'll write that review I wanted to make.'' he smiled as he sat down. Low on the screen the clock read 9:03 P.M.

He focused on his computer and did a few clicks. Frank looked back at the clock. It read 00.12 A.M.

''Ah no time, gotta go to bed.'' he told himself as he put the sheets over himself. ''I'll do it tomorrow.''

Frank closed his eyes.

There was a long drawn out moan. He felt a chill run down his spine. He gave a similar moan but otherwise didn't budge.

''Did the air conditioner break? Guess I'll fix it tomorrow. Hope I don't catch a cold.'' he said.

He felt something caress his cheek. Frank opened one eye and saw nothing. He closed it.

''Did I leave the window open? Hope some street cats didn't come in.'' he said.

In the darkness of his closed eyelids, there was constant shifting of light and darkness. He opened an eye and found the shadows in his room cast by the light of the window were dancing and shifting into monstrous shapes. He closed his eye.

''Did the neighborhood kids decide to target me for bullying? I hope they go easy on me.'' he said.

''Damn. Guess I'll have to resort to adult methods in order to scare you.'' a feminine voice sounded from below him. ''Goes to show that you can blame the system for everything.'' He took a second to mentally prepare himself for death, rape, kidnapping, organ theft and the like. Frank exhaled.

''Ah so it's a stalker. I hope you're one of the law abiding ones that takes restraining orders to heart.'' he said without opening his eyes.

''I guess I could technically in some ways be classified as a stalker. Truth is I'm the monster under your bed. I'm new here so nice to meet you.'' the voice said.

''Same here. But shouldn't you be stalking little children? Am I that immature? Though I guess you monsters can't get me at an outing since I don't out, or catch me off guard while I'm making out in a car since I don't have a car.'' Frank said.

''No, no. The truth is that we were supposed to haunt you when you were a kid but there weren't enough active Monsters back then. They were stretching themselves thin. It's hard to keep up with you guys and your rising population, you know. So you could say I'm here to make up for lost time.'' the voice said.

''By scaring me?'' Frank said.

''By scaring you.'' the voice said.

''The adult way?'' Frank said.

''Sure.'' came the voice from below. There was a screech. It made Frank jump up from under his sheets and gaze at the monstrous pitch black unholy gathering of eyes, tentacles and teeth looming over him that promised death in all its forms all at once. Cold sweat ran down his cheeks as images of his demise played in his mind.

''Stop.'' he stammered.

''But that's the adult way.'' the voice said. ''It's either this or.'' Frank cut her off.

''Or! I take 'or'. Anything but this.'' he shouted.

Everything calmed down. He was alone in his ordinary room. Frank hugged his comfy pillow and closed his eyes.

''You suck, nobody likes you. You should kill yourself. You're a worthless good for nothing.'' the voice cooed.

''The 'or'?'' he said.


''I hate this. I hate you. Get lost.'' he muttered as he rubbed his face in his pillow. ''Why do you think nobody likes me?''

That was a year ago.

This is now.

Frank gaze the customer his sandwich while making eye contact. The customer sniffed twice. His arm sprung forward, but hit nothing but air.

''Pickles again sir?'' Frank asked, holding the sandwich in his other hand, sweet smile on his face. ''I'll talk to the cook sir.''

On his way to the kitchen he saw Rachel.

''Hey.'' he waved. She was walking past him. Frank intercepted her and playfully pressed her nose. He smiled at her. ''Don't ignore me okay?''

Rachel blushed and looked away.

''Okay.'' she muttered.

He walked forward past the door. His hallway. Long and well lit. Frank sat down on his computer and typed. He looked at the clock, 11:45 P.M. He pulled the covers over his body.

''Hello. Any new things to insult or am I good?''

''Overconfident. Kill yourself.'''

''I can live with that.'' Frank said, smiling. ''You know I like you. You tell me directly what's wrong with me and I can fix it. Plus here I can talk about anything.''

''Too bad I'm leaving then.''

Frank's eyes bolted open. He dived under the bed.

''Well that's a first.'' the monstrosity in front of him stated. He leaned in and gave it a kiss.

''It's amazing what a human can fool himself into doing. You have no reason to like me yet you say you do. Because you were lonely.''

''But I do like you. Don't go.'' he said, hugging the monster.

''Not an option.''

''At least give me your name.'' he said.

''When you name something it becomes real.'' she stated. Eyes filled the space under his bed. ''Do you want me to become your reality?''

Frank was silent. He was lying on his bed, eyes open
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