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My second brainstorm for Tangled Roots - including how they get the info they need
I need to figure out, maybe, how this ends. Sometimes I prefer to just wok through the story and let it figure itself out by the end. But we know Riley is going to help somehow. But, if he dies in the hospital, how do they know for sure they are on the right track?
Maybe, if Bill Davis is involved, he will get Chad on the side and tell him to let it go, but because of their relationship, maybe he tells Chad, confidentially, about some information that maybe Chad and Laura, who will be back together secretly once Chad realizes Laura was right about Bill.
Chad will go to see Laura to tell her she is right about Bill. But Laura will still want to keep the illusion that they are broken up. If they are together, Bill will never talk to Chad. Chad will go back and tell Bill they are done and he giving up on the whole thing. He will tell Bill he’s right and they should just let sleeping dogs lie. That is why Bill will tell him some little tidbit that he needs to know. It’s something he needs to know to break the case open. Maybe there are records somewhere. Maybe there is one little clue. What is that clue? What is the one clue Chad and Laura need? Maybe a piece of physical evidence that was covered up. Blood evidence, maybe? Blood evidence that would link MJ to the scene of the crime? After all, he said he was nowhere near the scene and he had an alibi.
Cooper will also be integral, but still not want to get involved. This is where Jed will get really angry with Laura. When he finds out Laura went to talk to Cooper, he will go off on her. He, too, will tell her he knows what happened and will give her some information she would need. He knows it was MJ. James was the one who threatened Jed. He also paid for Cooper’s college education. This was all payment for being quiet. Laura will be crushed to hear Jed took the bribe. She will tell him he is no better than the Jorgensens. He will agree when alone, of course. He knew it was wrong to take the money. Elaine was already gone. There was no way he was going to afford to send Cooper to college, and he truly wanted the boy to go. He was so bright and had such a promising future. In his grief he did not think much about who was prosecuted. He did not think about what he was doing wrong. All he could think about was the fact that Elaine was dead and Cooper (will have some physical malady as a result of the accident as well – walk with a limp forever, maybe? Lose use of an arm or some other such thing?) was not well. Cooper also supposedly has memory loss from that night. Jed completely believes that, but Laura thinks differently after taking to Cooper the first time. Jed forbids her to ever talk to his son again and orders her out of the bait shop.
Cooper will come to town. He now wants to tell Laura what he knows. Something may happen to him when he comes to town, though. Something that makes him not want to talk to her. Maybe he is in the hospital for some reason. Laura will get him out of the hospital and bring him to her Aunt Jean’s house where he will stay to recuperate.

Chad will have to call in a favor from another department. I will have to research what resources would be available from the state to help Chad and Laura with their investigation. It will have to stay a bit quiet, too, though, so MJ and his dad have no idea how close Chad and Laura are getting. I bet it would be the Department of Justice.
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