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Rated: E · Fiction · Sci-fi · #2138690
Refreshing the perspectives with new people in new circumstances works out for all.
Sitting on the High Gravtrain for the first time, I had nothing to do but think as my body dealt with this new normal.
We would end up with vast empty spaces once the automated mining was fully underway.
Gravtrains, ,Haulageways and Railgun launched cargo shafts on took up a few million square miles leaving orders of magnitude more than that leftover.
The slag leftover varied from location to location and from machine to machine that processed it but all shared the same silicon, aluminum, iron and others that were always left behind when more valuable minerals were available.
That same slag was more than capable of being reprocessed into something more usable like computers.
As far as I knew, no one was bothering with creating masses of connected computer systems anymore but with modern open source designs, picopower requirements still provided orders of magnitude more output that anything conceivable in the earthbound computer age.
Computer real estate should become the cheapest in the system quickly once the automated systems start turning slag into the latest and greatest computer storage and processing system in the known system.
Digital Bill of Rights copied and updated from the old United States of course.
Wild West of the computer age can now begin.
I let the simulation run for a while and the outcome was astounding.
We would become the information hub of the system within eight months of completing the computer build out.
We should keep the thing from being one giant system by keeping separate networks with at least six different designs and not networked outside of themselves in the event of a takeover or infiltration by a foreign government.

By the end of that two week circuit, I had worked out how best to get permission to try out my ideas and had convinced two other classmates that it was a good idea.
By the end of the first week back to normal gravity, my idea was being debated in the senate.
Approval was swift once the improvements that public discourse always provide had been incorporated and updated into the original plan.

Two years later and the world itself was changing.
Quantumly entangled beams of light were constantly tracking our minor body through orbit.
Those same beams were allowing retro causal updates to be sent essentially allowing instantaneous communication negating the delay otherwise making the computer hosting worthless for anyone not located within one light second.
Our largest purchase came through an anonymous buyer for one entire lobe.
A ship is now scheduled to land in one week and connect to the same newly purchase lobe.
I wasn't even aware that any one company or person had that much wealth.

Transfer complete, welcome to the home of the minds of the world.
You have been selected as one of the greatest minds of the earth and a copy is being placed in the mind lobe of the Ceres planetoid computer network.
It has been purchased in full by the trust run by owners of the mind project which claims to have been able to find and copy minds of anyone and everyone who has ever lived.
Your mind was considered extraordinary and so you are now given a chance to mingle with others and use your unique mind to answer some modern problems.

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