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A brief description of what science is for kids!
Science explains how things work in our world and why certain things happen. The people who discover these things are called scientists. Scientists work really hard to answer all of our questions! Some scientists study things like plants and animals, some study what things are made of and how they can change, and some look at forces, movement, and how things work, and there are still many different types of scientists!
In order for a scientist to know if they are right they may have to do a type of test called an experiment. An experiment is a physical test, meaning its hands on! For example if a scientist mixed two liquids together to see what they might create, they would be conducting an experiment. When they get the results of this they will either write them down or type it onto a computer to record the results.
Scientists work in a special room called a lab. In a lab you may find things like a magnifying glass, which makes things look bigger, test tubes, which hold liquids, microscopes, which makes really little things look larger so you may look at them closely, safety goggles, to protect your eyes, or a bunsen burner which can heat things up.
So really science is a study of almost everything!
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