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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2138881
A sniper is discovered.
Cranmer’s experience and training kicked in. Putting his head down to the earth, he calmed his breathing. His heartrate slowed. The shot he’d been waiting three days for was only moments away. An elite sniper in the Special Cadre, his patience would be tested now.

He noticed a distant rustle of leaves getting closer. He wondered if he had been discovered. The thought was crushing. To be caught now after weeks of planning, and days of stealthy approach would be overwhelming. Expertly camouflaged, he knew he was almost invisible. Just as he was about to raise up for a peek, he felt a solid rap on the head.

“Gun barrel.” He thought.

“Вверх, на твоих ногах трусливый убийца.” (Up! On your feet, cowardly murderer)

Cranmer understood the guttural Russian well. He understood the tone even better.

He stayed still. Not moving a muscle.

The Russian soldier kicked him. “вставай с собакой” (get up, dog)

As the Russian shifted his weight for another kick, Cranmer struck. K-bar in hand he swung at the leg of the soldier, hoping for the Achilles tendon, but he was too slow, the man jumped back at the last second.

“This guy is agile.” Cranmer thought. “And quick as a cat”

On his feet in an instant, Cranmer was locked in mortal, close quarters combat with what had to be the strongest man he had ever encountered. Both were highly skilled, confident in their abilities.

Punching, kicking, cutting, and throwing each other around the clearing, amidst grunts of pain and snarls of anger, they were soon bloodied and battered. Breathing hard, they circled. Each looking for an advantage. Then everything went black.

Jimmy was playing with his GI JOES, when the fuse blew.

“Hey! It’s dark in here.” He hollered to his mother.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2138881