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A Diamond in the ruff
Its 2017 summer in Naples, Florida the downtown community is buzzing with the traffic of tourist and the smell of delights coming from the many restaurant that surround the area. A cook steps from one of the door ways her face is glistening with sweat from the lunch rush she has just endured her black single button chef coat is covered with stains from sauces she has splatter while creating dishes. She exhale deeply as this is the first time today she was able to breath fresh air without the tingly sensation of garlic and other fresh chopped herbs entering her nostril, she looks into the sky to see that the sun piercing threw the low hanging clouds. she takes a seat on one of the many creates that surround the back walkways behind the building she slide off her black no slip shoes that all cooks are told to wear and she wiggle her toes to regain feelings from standing for hours, as she sit there her minds began to think back to the times when her and her mother would stand in the kitchen of their small house in a small town not to far from the city of belle glades and she could hear the words her mother would always say that cooking is not just a job, but it is the love that you have in your heart moved to your fingers, so when you serve that food to someone and the smile at that very first bite they to share a piece of your love. Diamond has always had a [passion for cooking so after she finish high school she headed into the big city's to make a living as a chef. She soon realized that it took more then passion and love to become a great cook. In her first year as a cook she meet Chef Angel Torres he was a slim build athletic guy that look like he could run a 15k run with no training he had long black twist that hung to his shoulders with ease if he kept them lose but he always tided them into a pony tail which was a habit he had from being in a kitchen most of his life. He was strong and confident and his work as a chef, he flowed around the kitchen as if it was a part of his body. He was very commanding and his approach to teaching and handling his staff and also his girlfriends she soon found out. They started dating after he hired her on as a cook . He would be all over her at work making her feel like she was never doing anything right.The same wen they where going out he would correct her words as if she had to much of a southern slur for people to understand ,he talked about her driving ,the way she dressed , her friends and lots more. They argued about every thing and they hardly ever slept together. She sat there and thought about all these things because she wanted more out of life and she had a week to figure out how she was going to break the news to him that she would be leaving, and had been accepted in to the culinary institute of America. But there never seem to be the right time. She began to slip her shoes back on as a voice yelled from the back door "Diamond " what the hell are you doing? why are you not in the kitchen Angel yelled but before she could stand and respond he bombarded her with a slew of insults. Her face became flushed with anger and tears started to build up in her eyes, she didn't know why it bother her so much this was his normal self for some reason she was finally over it. She yelled back at him i quit you can have this job and your relationship. I'm leaving, i have gotten accepted at C.I.A and i will show you that i am a great chef and a great women you don't deserve me as she continued to talk she could see her co workers form at the door behind him, some eager to find out what the commotion was all about so with a few moves she had her jacket off and was throwing it at angel in with a flick of her finger she walked off.

A static voice ringed out over the speakers, Delta Airlines flight 334 now boarding at gate Q5 to New York.Diamond stands up from her seat at the bar inside one of those chic little restaurant in the terminal she look down at her watch and smile deeply because in a few hours she will be starting her new life surround by new friends and away for Angle, and his controlling ways but she couldn't help but feel remorse because they did share some good times and he could lay it down in the bed room. the it would quickly wash away in that feeling of butterflies in her stomach would come back as if she knew that a change was good.as she walks up to the boarding gate her hands get sweaty because this her first flight she take a seat next to this grey haired lady that reminds her of auntie Annie from the store.the plane taxi down the runway and ascend as the plane levels out she puts headphones and listen to some Kevin Gates. Her eyes peer around looking at the face on the plane and wonder would she recognize these people if she see them in New York . A thought flush threw her mind about all the things she will do while in this big city she don't notice the tiredness setting in as the music plays in her ear she began to drift off to sleep . (Ding ding ding) she rouse from her sleep as the fasten seat belt light flashes she didn't notice that she had slept for the entire four hour flight she scramble to put her things away she sits back and fasten her seat belt her body tense ready for the landing of the plane for the first time on the flight she begins to look out the window and she could see the tall buildings and the Statue of Liberty. The decent happen so quickly as if the buildings where swallowing them the tires screeched as they meet the tarmac quickly rolls along slowing as it reaches its destination once the plane makes a complete stop everyone stood and began to grab for their luggage as they make their way down the isle to the exit. As she reach the cabin exit a stewardess thanks each passenger for flying with Delta and safe tidings as they enter the hallway to the concourse she notice that the concourse was much larger here then ant the one she flew out of and that the number of people doubled maybe even tripled she followed the other passengers to the luggage belt where she would retrieve her belongings a buzzer goes off and the belt began to move and bag after bag come from a black whole at the end of the belt after a few mins she could she her royal blue duffel with a gold diamond on the side it was a gift from her mother that she had received on her twenty first birthday, When her,Angle, and two co workers cruised to the Bahamas. she pick up her bag and walk towards the exit the glass doors slide open to a convoy of taxis and cars , with people running to them or being ushered by airport employees that look worse for wear but continue to smile so they may receive a tip from their fair. the air around her seem thick with exhaust fumes from the vehicles she could hear horns blaring and people talking she takes a deep breath and she throws her hand up to flag a cab.
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