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An innovative way to hunt for grouse.

Hunting can be frustrating. You have to prepare and than go out and hope that you will see the animal that you seek. There might not be anyway to get passed the frustration when it comes to hunting big game, but their might be an alternative when hunting small game. Today, we are going to concentrate on this method when hunting grouse.

I was told about this method by my boyfriend, but just by watching the birds in my yard, I can see that it might work.

First, go and scout for signs of grouse or see where you encounter grouse. Take note of this. When this done and you have some idea of where to look, go to wherever you buy bird seed for your feeder. Get a bag. Prepare for your hunting trip.

When you are at the spot where you have seen signs of grouse or have seen them start putting small piles of seed out in intervals at a few feet or even a mile apart. Keep watch and quietly go from pile to pile to see if any grouse are attracted by the piles of bird seed. If they come to check out the bird seed pile, harvest your grouse. It is as simple as that.

Most of my boyfriend's family scoffed at the idea, but I think it is worth a try.

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