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Rated: ASR · Fiction · Technology · #2139179
A short story about a lonely boy and technology.
A boy was in an amphitheatre, listening to his lecturer, with a bored look on his face. The world around him was black and grey. Then, he grabbed his phone, looked at it and smiled.

When the course was finished, he saw a group of people chatting, he walked in and said hello to them. However, they just stared at him, mumbling what seemed to be an answer. Trying to not be discouraged, he remembered the current trends and spoke about them. In spite of this, short and frozen answers were the only things he received as replies. Put off, he walked away and heard the group laughing, probably at him. Sitting in a corner, he took his phone and turn it on, as the world around him shifted, as his sight became colored.

He was not in his College anymore, it was in a white room with a limitless area. Using his fingers, he could move and change this room. Soon, he created a castle, then a highway, then a zoo. This was a wonderland. Suddenly, he heard a slamming door and recognize his College, it was soon nighttime. Going to his house, he stared in front of him all the way, walking with a bored face through this black and grey world. Finally, at his tiny house, he grabbed his computer and turn it on, coming back to his artificial wonderland.

Now, he was in the middle of a suburbia, people were waving at him and animals played with him. After that, he arrived in front of his home and was greeted by two kids who hugged him and a dog. Soon, a man was there, too. They all sat in a cough, watching tv. The boy looked around him, smiling.

Then he tried to hug his husband, but he fell on the floor and realized that everyone had disappeared. His computer was powered-off. Feeling tears on his cheeks, he stayed there, laying on the floor, waiting for someone to knock on his door or for his phone to ring or just for an email notification. But nothing happened, there was just him, in a colossal yet empty world. The sadness was overwhelming his heart, he wanted to embrace the floor, but it did not feel like a person, it just felt cold and inanimate. The next day, the mailman knocked on the door, but nobody answered. Looking through a nearby window, he saw the boy, laying on the floor, dead.
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