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Rated: E · Lyrics · Romance/Love · #2139185
A man wants her to be by his side.
The Light

The light of your smile,
It beams so heavenly like rays of the sun
Your mind is a wonderful thing so playful n’ calm
And I cannot seem to escape from your presence

I want to pack bags go on the road and explore our love
You’ll be my charm I promise I’ll never let go of
Oh I want to flip the pages so the coming days will be nothing but dreams

No giving up with all these lies put on me
If I say the truth I mean it
I can be your solution
You’ll be my resolution born anew
Let's vanish the past away

The light of your love,
Here take my oath it’s yours
You’re a flower you open a new world for me
Like bluebells blooming for the purpose of looking so fresh
Rest assured my darling we’ll be fine
We’ll fly like autumn leaves so carefree

The light is the spark that ignites the mood,
Call it near so we capture and nurture it,
The light is ours let’s take it everywhere we go (x2)

The light of home,
One glance before it goes dark again
Your soul and heart are apart of this place
I cannot seem to escape from your homely vibe
And my sweet I’ll never leave your side you are my light

I Pray for your love
Arise in a new light
Awake in thy arms... (x2)

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