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When Trucy Wright learns of a chocolate factory shutting down, she sees an opportunity.

This story contains female weight gain. I understand and respect that many people find this sort of thing to be disgusting, but please act mature and simply leave if it makes you feel uncomfortable.


Despite her youth, Trucy Wright had accumulated an admirable reputation as a promising up and coming magician. She practically had magic ingrained in her blood through her upbringing. Though nowadays her adoptive father, Phoenix Wright was encouraging of her no matter what career she pursues, Trucy still continued along the path of magic performance. However, that would suddenly come to a screeching halt after a performance at the Chocoland Industries chocolate factory.

While Trucy wasn't sure at first why they decided to have a magic show at their workplace, she accepted nonetheless. When Trucy began setting up for her performance though, she was amazed at everything this factory had to offer. There were so many different pieces of machinery for chocolate production, some of which she even found useful in creating unique displays for the performance. Each machine made chocolate in completely different ways, and all of them were visually appealing to see, which eventually coaxed Trucy into sneaking a few for herself.

After the performance, Trucy was packing up her magic equipment when she heard familiar footsteps approaching her. Upon turning around, she saw Chocoland's owner, Mason Mares, walking towards her with a wide grin, applauding her, "Bravo! A wonderful show Trucy! I knew I made the right decision in hiring you!" Mr. Mares had in-fact requested Trucy personally, making the call to the Wright Anything Agency himself. Apparently he had attended many of Trucy's prior shows, and was so impressed that she was his first choice.

Although, this still left the question of why Mr. Mares wanted to hold a magic show in his factory in the first place. Now that it was actually over, Trucy decided to finally take the opportunity to clear up her confusion on the matter, "Thank you, Mr. Mares... But, um... I was wondering why you would want to have a magic show inside your own factory?"

In response, at first Mr. Mares broke out into a short fit of laughter, but quickly recomposed himself to finally give Trucy the explanation she desired, "Haha, I suppose it is a bit of an off combination now, isn't it?" He quickly glanced around at all the nearby equipment, "You see, my company is actually moving locations incredibly soon. We aren't moving far, just to the other side of the city, but this factory will be permanently locking up, never to be used again." He then focused back on Trucy, the lightest smile formed upon his face, "I simply wanted to hold one last event here before we close our doors for the last time..."

Trucy tilted her head to the side, disappointed. This place had some fantastic chocolate based on the ones she tasted earlier. While the factory would still be in town, it would be so much farther away based on Mr. Mare's comment. At least she knew what brand to look for in stores now, though they probably wouldn't carry much...

"Since the new factory was already prepared ahead of time, we won't even need any of the old equipment anymore, so that's going to stay here too." Trucy was snapped out of her deep thought, looking up to see that Mr. Mare was still talking, "Because of that, we're going to being closing down for good tonight." he said with a sigh, "I'm going to miss this old place."

Shutting down... tonight...? That gave Trucy an idea...


Later that night, it was then 11 PM, Trucy had been hiding in the bushes in-front of the factory for about half an hour. She had been waiting for the factory workers to finish up moving the supplies they needed into their trucks to bring it all to the new location. Once Trucy looked out and saw someone closing the rear door on the final vehicle, she zipped out from her hiding spot when certain no one was looking and moved around the corner of the building, "Alright, for my first trick..." She smirked as she placed her gloved hands directly against the building's wall, which stuck right to it!

Utilizing her high-strength magic glue-gloves, Trucy began scaling the vertical walls of the factory, soon reaching the second story window. Opening it up, she climbed her way in, and looked around, making absolutely sure no one else was aware of her presence. Closing the window again to erase the sign that she was even there, Trucy started a more thorough search of where she was, hoping to find both the light switch, and the machinery for making chocolate...

Feeling her way around the walls, Trucy soon found what she was looking for. Flipping on the lights, she was now able to get a proper look at the room she had ended up in. It seemed to be a room where the temperature throughout the factory was controlled, like a massive A/C unit. Not the type of machinery Trucy had in-mind... but this was a start, at least.

Leaving the A/C room behind, Trucy began wandering the desolate halls, her footsteps hauntingly echoing throughout the entire building. Checking room after room, Trucy was sure to find what she was looking for eventually. All the chocolate Trucy could ever eat was somewhere in this factory, waiting to be found. No matter how much time had passed by, Trucy kept searching, determined to find her prize amidst the maze of hallways, growing hungry in the process, which only served to strengthen her resolve.

After what felt like an eternity of searching, Trucy had finally found the room that she had been searching for. She could tell before she had even opened the door that this was the right one, the heavenly aroma of freshly made chocolate flooding her nose. She stood there for just a moment, breathing in the sweet aroma of that which she so desired, until she flung upon the doors, revealing the massive Chocolate Production Room. Upon finally seeing it, Trucy could only look around in amazement, immediately entranced by the beautiful reality she couldn't believe she was living.

Trucy stood in the doorway amazed, slowly taking it all in, breathing in the sweet fumes coming from all directions once again, only much more powerful this time! Being so close to the source, the scent was so strong that it was too much to take, Trucy couldn't bare to go a second longer without eating chocolate! Dashing into the room, she began snatching as many chocolates off of conveyor belts as she could, and stuffing her face with them. Trucy could only blush as she ate, as the chocolate somehow tasted far greater than she had ever imagined! Although, it was also far more fattening.

No matter how much she ate, Trucy couldn't have enough of the chocolate in this place. Everything was so delicious that Trucy just zoned out while eating, unable to keep herself from indulging more and more! Eventually though, Trucy snapped out of it when she heard a loud SNAP! With a gasp, she looked around in confusion, wondering what that sound was, only to discover upon looking down that it was the strap of her bag snapping in two, and it was immediately apparent why it did. Trucy was met a globular orb of doughy flesh pressing up tightly against her dress.

Trucy reached down and pressed a finger into the soft mass of belly, blushing as it jiggled in reaction. She stood there silently, shocked by how much weight she had put on in such a short amount of time! Trucy had to be at least 500 lbs. at this size! Her belly was so large that her dress would surely burst if she recklessly let it grow anymore, and that was even with the second roll it had bunched up into which helped save some space. It didn't help that Trucy had also accumulated an immense collection of back fat, stretching her already stressed dress far in the opposite direction as well. But even putting all of that aside, she had attained a major blubber butt that hung out of her dress regardless, the giant wobbly masses nearly sagging all the way down to the back of her knees!

"How... did I get so fat...?"

Trucy just stood there, unsure how to react as she tried to comprehend her sudden, yet massive weight gain. While she was still trying to process it in her head though, she had caught sight of something out of the corner of her eye that managed to take her mind off her weight instantly. Right behind Trucy, there stood a giant vat of liquid chocolate, and calling it giant was no exaggeration; it was easily the size of an average house! The sheer size of the tank had immediately grabbed hold of all of Trucy's attention, causing her to forget why she had even stopped eating in the first place. After all, there were still literal tons more chocolate left for her to eat!

Climbing up onto the suspended walkway, Trucy ran until she was directly above the incredibly massive reservoir of chocolate, looking down in awe, licking her lips at the delicious sight of it all. She attempted to reach her pudgy gloved hand into the tank to get a taste by licking it off her fingers, but it was way too far down. That wasn't enough to deter Trucy though, as there was one other possibility. Without any hesitation, she took off her hat and cape and leaped off the walkway and straight into the chocolate itself!

Diving into the giant reserve of liquid chocolate, Trucy's now obese body caused a large splash of it to gush upwards, allowing her to even catch some of it in her mouth as it fell back down, a sneak preview of what she was in for. The chocolate was completely liquid, practically a drink on its own, yet still had the same amazing flavor that Trucy couldn't stop herself from overindulging in! A mere taste from a few droplets was enough to make her crave like she did before! Trucy leaned her whole face forward into the mix, and gulped up as much chocolate as she could possibly fit in her mouth at once, returning to the same chocolate-fueled trance that led to her gaining so much weight before.

No longer grounded in reality, Trucy dove down into the expansive supply of chocolate, sucking it down similarly to how a vacuum would. She showed no sign of slowing down at any point in time, no matter how much she guzzled down, Trucy just kept going! All the while, she was blissfully ignorant of her continuously ballooning figure, swelling outward with blubbery fat so quickly, that her not noticing was a magic trick all on its own. By the time Trucy finally stopped gorging, she had easily doubled in size, if not more! Her dress had officially been shredded by her own ferocious rolls, swallowing up the torn up scraps, as if it had started trying to eat all on its own!

Despite the absurd extent of her own obesity, Trucy did not seem to pay it any mind, completely ignoring it in favor of thinking about what other types of chocolate the factory had to offer! Surely this couldn't be it, after all! However, if Trucy actually wanted to get out, there now existed a problem she had failed to realize beforehand. She had only managed to get inside the large vat of chocolate in the first place by diving in from the top, way above the highest point where the chocolate actually reached. It would be impossible to climb out, especially since her size now made her worst enemies with gravity. Trucy had unintentionally gotten herself stuck in an escape trap.

Once she finally snapped out of her dazed state yet again, Trucy actually realized that she was in a major jam. Putting everything else aside, being trapped inside this huge tank of chocolate was a problem no matter how you sliced it. Even with the chocolate that still remained being enough to satisfy a typical person for a month, it would only keep Trucy preoccupied for a few more hours. But no matter how long Trucy would last being trapped, the issue was, how would she escape?

As Trucy tried to think of ways to get out, her belly suddenly began thrashing about on its own, indicating it was ravenously hungry once again, despite having just finished her latest chocolate binge. Trucy complied though, and dove down to gulp up yet another mouthful of chocolate, but while doing so, an idea came to mind. Her belly had become so violent, and combined with how massive it was, she just might be able to use it as a battering ram to break down the wall of the tank. While it sounded utterly absurd after going through it in her head, Trucy was most likely trapped if it didn't work, so she was best off trying.

Taking several deep breaths, and preparing herself, Trucy clenched her teeth as she dove back into the chocolate before propelling herself into the steel wall of the tank, belly first! While nothing happened at first, Trucy didn't give up and continued to charge at it, and she eventually heard a creaking sound coming from the wall she had been colliding with. Believing she was making progress, Trucy repeated the process even more until-


The tank suddenly burst open from the side, all the chocolate that was above the hole created pouring out like a cascading waterfall, with Trucy coming down with it! Every part of her body was completely coated with chocolate, she even looked like she was made of chocolate herself while laying motionless on the floor. After a long fifteen minutes though, Trucy finally worked up the energy to lift herself up onto her fat-consumed feet. Huffing out of exhausting, she looked around dizzily for somewhere to sit down and rest...

After unsteadily walking throughout the halls for what had to be at least another half hour, Trucy had finally stumbled across what looked to be the employee lounge! Letting out a long sigh of relief, Trucy walked in, her feet painting the floor with chocolate that still continued to flow out from in-between her many layered rolls of belly fat. Trucy sat herself down on the nearest chair, only for it to snap immediately under her enormous butt cheeks! Groaning out of agitation, she dismally looked around, hoping there was a chair somewhere in there that could support her colossal frame. Trucy was so small when she first entered the factory, and now look at her! Any scale would surely be crushed underneath her if she were to try and use it, but if she had to guess, she was likely somewhere in the 1200 lb. range...

Despite how discouraged Trucy felt now that a chair she could fit in anymore existed, and would even be here, her doubts were quickly discredited when she spotted not only the largest, but oddest looking chair she had ever seen! It was surrounded by glass casing, the front of the seat having a sliding door if someone wanted to sit in it. Not only that, but the glass was shaped like a bottle, the top curving inwards and connecting it like a pipe to another glass case, only much smaller, and without the chair.

Not even hesitating, despite the bizarre design, Trucy got up and ran over, but quickly stopped when she noticed a large sign on the nearby wall. It grabbed her attention with a big warning symbol, plastered beside a bunch of text. Trucy attempted to make out what it said, but it didn't seem to make any sense, "Warning! This is a working preliminary model of the Chocoland Industries Chocolate Cloning Project! Do not enter the chamber without explicit permission! Failure to comply will result in immediate discharge!" Trucy read aloud to herself, unsure if she was seeing it correctly, "Were they really trying to build a cloning machine? This place is weirder than I thought..." Even still, she sprawled herself out onto the huge chair, and found out that it was also the comfiest chair she had ever seen!

After what had to be at least an hour of relaxation, Trucy suddenly heard an odd noise, and opened her eyes, only to see that the door encasing her had just shut on its own! Gasping, she heaved herself up, and tried to open the door back up, but to no avail; it refused to budge! Trucy huffed, all her newfound weight making her tire out much easier, meanwhile the machine she was unknowingly inside began to flare to life. While Trucy was still recovering from all the energy she had burned, she heard another similarly glass door open, this time from the case beside her. But what she saw upon turning towards the source of the noise caused her to freeze up in shock.

Exiting the glass case beside her was a copy of Trucy, an exact replica of the thin version of her from just hours ago. It immediately walked over to the case containing the original. Trucy wiped her eyes, thinking she was imagining things, but lo and behold, there really was a clone of her thin self standing right in-front of her, only separated by a glass door! "I-I... I must be dreaming...! There's no way this is real!"

"Why can't it be real?"

"WAHHH!" Trucy fell back in the chair, losing her balance from the sudden shock, "Y-You can talk?!"

"Of course! I'm you after all!"

Trucy could only sit there, utterly speechless...

"Hehehe... I suppose it is pretty hard to believe, huh? Well, I guess I'd better explain then! Refer to me as 'Two-cy' for now!" Two-cy pulled out a wand and gestured towards the top of the pipe connecting the two glass cases, "See that? Notice the machinery intervening in the middle? Well, while you were relaxing, it was scanning you, and was using the data to make me!" Two-cy let out a lighthearted chuckle, mimicking the original's personality pretty spot-on.

Meanwhile Trucy couldn't quite piece it all together, "Wait, made you? H-How...?"

Two-cy smiled, waiting a moment before answering, as if trying to provide some sort of build-up, "I'm surprised a magician like me isn't able to think creatively enough to figure it out! I'm made! Entirely! Out of! Chocolate~!" Trucy only became even more confused upon hearing this, so Two-cy decided to just continue her explanation, "This factory has been experimenting with different uses for chocolate for decades now! This magic trick is their latest marvel!"

Shaking her head to bring herself back, Trucy looked to her clone, "Why though? Why bother making clones out of... chocolate?"

Two-cy chuckled a bit before answering, "Because of people like you, who enjoy indulging so much that everyday responsibilities just get in the way! With me, you'd no longer need to worry! I could leave the factory in your stead, and take over your life for you! That way, you could stay here forever, and eat, and eat, and eat! As much as you could ever dream of!"

Trucy tilted her head, completely taken aback by this...! Stay here... forever? Eating all the chocolate she could ever want... It sounded incredible, and was very tempting, but would she really be willing to stay here forever? While she was busy thinking about it though, some liquid chocolate from the tank incident earlier was still absorbed in her hair, and as she was deep in thought, a drop of chocolate seeped out, and fell into her open mouth... Her eyes shot wide open, the taste overtaking her as it did previously. With that, it was decided.

Two-cy smiled, taking notice of how Trucy reacted to just one drop of chocolate, "Just relax, Trucy. Now that you have me, I can go and live your life for you, while you can just live your life here, eating, and eating, and eating..." She then punched in a few commands into the keypad, before turning to leave, "Don't worry, Trucy, I'll be sure to live up to your name! You just worry about enjoying yourself from now on~" With that, Two-cy left the lounge. Before Trucy could react, a tube then suddenly appeared and attached itself onto her mouth. It was then that she heard a rumbling sound from above her, and upon turning towards the source, she saw a flood of liquid chocolate flowing down the pipe, through the tube in her mouth!

Chocolate began streaming down her throat, and it was making her gain weight at an astonishing rate at that! It sure was a good thing that Trucy liked it. Getting back onto the chair and laying back down again, Trucy chuckled as she bloated with chocolate, the taste of it so delicious that it actually managed to hypnotize her just like before. Kicking back, Trucy let all of her worries go as she ate up to her heart's content. It was just like Two-cy said, she had no need to worry about anything now. Why would she need to escape this time? She had everything she needed right here.
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