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Freedom of the heart
All mighty church of god is located and the heart of Hampton,Texas south of El Paso this place was not anything special only to the people who attended this church every sunday and people who still talk about when their all star quarterback Devin jean married Zarah Jame he belonged to a family who got rich by having one of the biggest slaughter houses in the united states they gained success threw their ability to continue to produce quality product. Zarah family moved to Hampton around her 17th birthday and her family had money threw investments in the stock market. so when her and Devin started dating both families pushed for them to be married. Devin and Zarah relationship was rocky at best she only wanted the finer things and life she acted like a brat if she did get her way. on the other hand Devin knew what it was like to work hard for what he wanted. Over the years of being a butcher he learned to respect life and the things that provided for humans. so after his marriage to Zarah he began to take interest in culinary arts he attended culinary courses at L’Academie de Cuisine in Maryland he had a real talent in the kitchen his teacher praised him on his hard work, and his skills with a knife. Devin had won many awards for his cooking while in school. he would send invites for Zarah to come support his work but she never attended not one event. During his graduation he was awarded the highest level and offered many top positions at some of the world most famous restaurants. Devin on the other hand had other things in mind he wanted to start his on restaurant and so he did. Instantly it was a great success critics wrote great reviews about the freshness and the taste of his work, they complimented him on his people skills and his spirit as a chef his restaurant was awarded three Michelin stars he tried to invite his estranged wife to join him. So with the opening of his second restaurant in New York. He had made up his mind Zarah had no interest in him or his ideals he decided that he should file for a divorce so he hired an attorney to get things together while he focused on his business. The city of New York accepted him with open arms and empty stomachs, his second restaurant was becoming a great success quicker then his first. The business was becoming everything he dreamed of,but his heart longed for more

It had been almost a complete year since the opening of his second restaurant and Devin was making his round as normal to all the tables that are seated for his dinner events he greets every customer with pleasure he gives each one a thank you and a warm smile and with a bow he enters the kitchen tonight menu is a complicated one that requires him and his staff to be almost perfect for also this a special night he has the infamous Chef Gordon Ramsay and fellow Chef Scott Conant and his friend from CIA has a chef tasting for him and his students but they haven arrived yet as he prepare to serve the first course his hostess announce that his friend had arrived with his guest since he did not get to greet them he asked for them to to be seated at Chef table 2 which gave him a view of the complete group of people and as they where being seated he couldn't take his eyes away from this women wearing this black dress with a deep cut v in the back that showed the small of her back and the way it flowed down her body made him shiver the smell of his sauce scorching made him snap back to reality he cursed his self quietly because on this important he was distracted by a beautiful women so he started his sauce over and with in minutes he had his sauce plated and ready t serve the first course of fried green tomatoes served with a slice of slow cooked pork topped and a four cheese relish for the second course he was serving a pan seared sea bass top of a fresh green salad for the third course he will serve a confit suckling pig and for dessert the guest will receive a assortment of truffles. so he put his head down and focused on his second dish .
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