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Just a little draft on something.
When you get as old as me, you learn things. Things that no one knows about, basically because they are not old enought. Simply said, you need to get older to get on my understanding level of wisdom. I would gladly tell you or show you, but you wouldn't understand. it is to hard or to cruel for you to understand. I wish i could spare you for this wisdom, and the understanding of it, but i can't. It's destiny for us all to know. If not, then you are aldready dead.
I could tell you now, just to see your reaction. Just to se if you could remeber it after I told you. I could. I want to. I shall. It happened some time ago, when your grandmother was still alive. She was mending the garden, while i was inside having my daily coffe before going outside and join her. It was a sunny day, if i remeber correctly. The grass was wet from the night before and the birds were singing happily. No danger could occur. I was wrong about the last.
Outside, behinde your grandmother was a shadow. I thought my eyes was playing with me, but it grow bigger and came closer to your grandmother. I had an awful feeling and I wanted to run outside to your grandmother, but my legs where frozen. So was the bird in the tree and cars that passed by. Even your grandmother was frozen. The only thing I could do was watch.
The shadow had morphed into a man with a black cloth around himself. I could't see his face, the only thing i could see was the big sword in his hand. He was heading to your grandmother.

To be continued
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2139258