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by K.HBey
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Lovers who did never succeed to meet and are in an endless dream to meet and feel love .
When will time allow us to finally touch our hands and kiss each other?
Then our corps embraces each other and the warmth of meeting melts the freeze of the missing.
Yore, sufferings, sorrow and remorse have submerged our broken hearts, hammered by the harsh of the endless missing wait.
When will time finally allow our glances to be linked and within their deep are our souls in a full love ecstasy?
How much times do such eyes miss their important appointment; to cross each other and decrypt such deep warm silent love language?
When does time realize that the hour should come to let our love be liberated, breaking out all fences and be finally free.
Our love frozen, chained and out of its hands does not express.
When does time come finally to let us finally live love in full freedom?

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