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About the benefits of meditation
It's so deep
inside the feeling of peace creeps
you improve the quality of your sleep
don't mind the indifference of your peeps
because you met a natural healer
teaching you to ignore the attention thieves
mirror to Yourself needs no concealer

When everything around you is scattered
and even your mind is only matter
You wonder the extinction of sacred
You ponder if holiness is no longer bred
If every room has been occupied
If every space has been applied to
The spirit independent has replied
Home within yourself to build

Your body is like a washing machine
The hum of the laundry is meditation
Washing off the clutter is medication
Just like the clothes become clean
your mind becomes empty and serene
The laundry of your thoughts isn't doing rounds
You learn how to silence the surrounding sound

In this holistic unity
you shall reach higher immunity
your consciousness is cleansed of emotionally soaked
You won't die to stroke
You become fertile as nature and trees
As it lowers blood pressure
it protects the heart your treasure
Meditation nurtures like palm
Breath is the anti-depressant making you calm
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