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A philosophy work to make those who have fear can get free
If we allow our fears to control what we think, then we will project unrealistic views and expectations. Which will lead us away from what we strive to be in our life. Into an unfulfilled existence.

It's easy to be influenced by our thoughts, especially when we are already feeling stress and anxiety. We trick ourselves into a false sense of security, by simply believing falsified emotions. Projecting what happened in the past to be what we think about today, and letting them continuously build.

I have a few fears that I struggle with. I fear being abandoned. This one always tries to trick me. By little thoughts about those I care and have love for. It can be as simple that they ignore me, or doesn't talk to me. Especially when I feel I didn't do anything wrong.

If I allow my fear, of being abandoned, which I have from losing my mom to be projected. Then by tomorrow, I'll have anxiety and stress and make my life difficult for all around me. Eventually losing self confidence.

I now have learned by trial and error, how I can avoid my fear from being projected.

Here are 3 things which help me.

1. I start creating something.
If my mind is in a creative mode, then it won't be in destructive mode. Creativity takes your mind to be focused, not projected.

2. I try to learn something new.
If my mind is thinking about something new, it won't think about the past. Cause my fear is losing my mom. Which devastated me. And the past isn't even viable anymore, cause we only have today.

3. I talk to the person I projected on.
This sometimes takes courage and confidence to happen. I always just ask outright, and lay my cards down on the table. If the person has any respect and honesty they'll give me the truth about the situation. And then be a welcomed distraction, cause I'm no longer ignored or abandoned.

It takes renewing and adjusting your mind, to take your unrealistic fears away. You have to know who you are, and the symptoms that you have, so you can recognise them right away. If you ignore the sigma, then get ready for quite an unpleasant ride.

So know you can actually not allow fear to be your motivation. That you can control, correct and even relinquish if you want. Know one else can do it for you, so be aware, and know that there's nothing to fear, unless you choose to fear.
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