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A young boy finds the meaning of Christmas when he writes Santa a letter.
Christmas Miracle

It was Christmas morning and Brad was the first one up, excited to open gifts. He ran out to the living room and was amazed to find so many presents under the tree. But he didn't expect to see Santa still in the house filling stockings.
"Santa, what are you still doing here?" Brad asked Santa.
"My dear boy, what are you doing up? You should be in bed sleeping. You're parents and brother Aaron are still nestled in their beds.
"I couldn't sleep. I was excited for Christmas morning." Brad told Santa.
"Well, Brad, do you want to come along and help me with the other presents?"
"Could I Santa?"
"Well, let's see. Maybe if we write your parents a note explaining where you are and leave it here by the stockings for them to find, it might be all right."
So Santa quickly wrote Brad's parents a letter telling them where he was so they wouldn't worry. Once Santa wrote the letter, Santa and Brad were well on their way.
Brad couldn't believe his eyes at the many houses that Santa had to visit, and he especially couldn't believe that Santa did this in one night. Brad helped Santa deliver presents to all the children on Santa's list. As soon as they were finished, Santa delivered Brad back to his home where his parents were waiting for him.
Brad ran and hugged his father and mother and told them of the wonderful time he had with Santa and helping him deliver presents to all the children of the world. Brad's parents were amazed that Brad seemed to have a great time helping Santa. When Brad finished explaining his adventures with Santa, they all sat down and had their own family Christmas.
It would be the best Christmas Brad had ever experienced and he couldn't wait until next Christmas to see what it held.

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