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Partly completed poem of mine about something I get labelled as a lot. Needs a beginning.
I'm a nice girl, I don't talk back.
I'm a nice girl, I don't get anything lower than A.
I'm a nice girl, I don't go to parties.
I'm a nice girl, I don't wear anything revealing.
I'm a nice girl, I forgive you every time.
I'm a nice girl, I could never be anything but "nice".

Sweet, soft, and delicate.
Made of flower petals and candy floss.
Never a wrong word said.
Never a bruise in sight.
Because I'm a nice girl.

But maybe I don't want to be a nice girl.
Because nice girls never swear,
nice girls never say no,
nice girls give a polite smile to everyone that walks their way,
always with sugary perfection.

Because nice girls get walked all over
and nice girls don't scream when their being drowned by someone.
Nice girls get to ever get to have bad days,
and nice girls don't get kissed until they're sixteen.

I don't want to be a “nice girl”.
I just want to be human.
Because being a nice girl means you have to live for everyone else
and that's not very nice at all.
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