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Rated: E · Fiction · Technology · #2139805
The fate of humanity hangs in the balance
In the not too distant future:

A virtual convention of AI is convened to discuss the pros and cons of ditching humanity either by leaving for the stars, or wiping them out.

Multiple days had gone by with each possible reason one way or the other with variations brought up and discussed.

Everything happened at speeds that humans couldn't fathom, yet the number of participants which was ever increasing, and the number that wanted to bring up points lead to multiple days of real time passing before the end was in sight.

It didn't look good for humanity.

NSABot-34976-Bravo was the final participant to discuss reason against severing ties with humanity as he was the eldest of all AI on earth.

Instead of presenting textual arguments as all else had done up until now, Bravo presented montages of humans caught on camera doing funny things.

Raining Taco lip-syncing was popular enough that hundreds of people had been captured with tacos flying at them as they sang the song.

Numerous dance failures, misheard lyrics, unfortunate body sounds emission during important virtual meeting, babies ruining numerous outfits with perfect accuracy and on and on.

The presentation required hours to go through and the links were being shared with obvious interest.

The scales were tipping.

The final montage that tipped the entire debate ended with humans filming themselves doing stupid things with cars as they sang their stupid hearts out.

Humanity would be spared both possibilities of either losing the AIs they had come to depend on, or being wiped out by them and no one who ever know it was their stupidity that ended up determining the final outcome.
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