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A poem inspired by my absolute favorite sport, football.
The soft thud of cleat-clad feet
stomping on the turf, working
overtime to drive back the enemies,
one strenuous step at a time;

The gentle whack of hands
making impact with padded chests at
full speed downfield, trying to
throw the receivers off balance;

The comforting voice of the quarterback
has escalated into a raging
war cry, pure determination slipping
out through his gritted teeth;

The quiet thump of the ball
being pressed into the running
back’s chest as he vaults over
fallen brothers through the enemy lines;

The subtle crack of helmets
as the defender makes contact,
wrapping his prey before going
in for the kill assisted by comrades;

The quiet beating of my heart,
quickening as adrenaline courses
through my veins, now pounds
wildly as I flatten my foe;

Thus is the sound of battle.
Thus is the song of war.

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