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Dedicated to "Pat ~ Missing My Husband", with love...
When that pain comes around to gnaw at your heart
Hoping you had dispelled it and torn it apart
His word makes its way to reach through your sadness
Bringing waves of clarity to set your faith anew

Keep your eyes on me
When all seems hopeless
Know I'll never leave
I'm faithful to see you through
My child, keep your eyes on me

Though darkness filled your past with hurts to overwhelm
Pulling you down deeper still while erasing all desire to live
Then the light of God in His goodness reaches into your meek existence
And rings true in your heart of His love that is never quenched

Keep your eyes on me
For today is only temporary
Keep your eyes on me
I bring you my eternity
Keep your eyes on me
I'm your never-ending love story

It's a walk of faith you set out upon taking each step one by one
Knowing soon these things will pass away to reveal God's goodness and grace
A will to walk in His footsteps with every breath you take
Knowing soon we shall rise to His occasion knowing only light with no shadow to break

Keep your eyes on me my child
Let my presence be what you see
Know that tucked safely in your heart
I have bestowed my greatest gift of all
Just keep your eyes on me

It is my honor to dedicate this poem to Pat Nelson in memory of her beloved husband.

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