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The Story of a quest to stop an ancient evil.
Chapter 1: Neptar

Neptar, a planet long forgotten through time. It inhabits many beings known as Neptarians, these beings look just like you and me. However, they are anything but human, Neptarians each possess strange abilities the most common of which are the ability to project fire and the ability to hover for a limited amount of time. However, it’s rare but indeed possible for a Neptarian to possess various unique abilities, this breed of Neptarian is called an abnormal. These Neptarians have the possibility to be born with strange abilities which could either be helpful or detrimental to their future.
Neptar is relatively small planet its size is roughly that of the very well know planet Mars. Neptar consists of 3 main continents Yelm, being the largest and most populated continent. Its capital is named Hearth and it is home to the Imperial Knight, one of Neptar’s strongest warriors. There he owns and runs his very own training academy. Here many Neptarians are trained in a way which brings out their full potential and helps build their future for greatness. The next continent is named Xaar, Xaar is a very well-guarded continent the reason for which is due to the fact that its capital is the royal kingdom of Torn, here the great king of Neptar resides, his name, Zant. Similar to Hearth, Torn also has its own training academy, however unlike Hearth this academy trains its warriors for the sole purpose of becoming royal knights, the highest level a warrior can attain. Their job is simply to protect the planet and its inhabitants. Both of these academies rank their students based on two criteria, skill and abilities, however the basics such as strength, speed, or defensive capabilities are also taken into account. Schools give each student an assigned rank based off of their level of expertise. The ranks include: D, C, B, A, S and Elite.
The final continent is named Zertz, its capital was named Siren. Long ago an unknown catastrophe occurred which caused the deaths of thousands of innocent Neptarians. No one knows the exact story of what happened that day, all we know is that there were no survivors, and to this day Siren remains abandoned and in ruins. All access to the kingdom is permanently banned to all, at the orders of King Zant. Next to the ruined kingdom of Siren resides a maximum-security prison; with every inhabitant of Neptar having access to tremendous power there are sure to be some who use that power for their own gain. This prison holds only the most dangerous of Neptarians and is strictly under protection at all times, no one is allowed in or out of the prison without proper permission.

Chapter 2: Mistery

It felt like an ordinary day, I expected it to go how it always went, Oh… how I wish that it would’ve. As I woke up that day I felt a sudden uneasiness before I got up, to this day I still don’t know for sure why that had happened, though I have a pretty good feeling. As I got up I went through my normal everyday routine, I change clothes, freshen up and leave my room. I live in a very small room, it’s somewhat of a cellar for the royal castle. As I left my room everything seemed normal, nothing unusual. Like every day I went to go say good morning to my grandfather. I headed up the stairs and straight to the throne where he sat.
“Oh, Mistery you’re awake. Class is starting soon so you better start heading out” he said to me. I was enrolled in Torn's training academy. My dream had always been to become part of the royal knights and serve under my grandfather. A few years back I took the entrance exam, I barely managed to qualify for a D rank. After that humiliating display from me in front of my grandfather, I decided to keep on training on my own as well as during class. This would surely help me improve my skills, and it somewhat did. Not that long ago I took the exam to get into class C, I managed to pass it with flying colors, I like to think that it was because I had a friend watching and cheering me on, I never had many friends I never really like to speak to anyone so when I met this person my life had changed or so I thought shortly after I passed the exam she was taken back home to a small village in the northern part of Xaar.
I wasn’t born an abnormal my firepower was lacking and I could hardly hover in the air for a mere 5 seconds. I wasn’t a prodigy unlike a boy called Blade. He was at the top of his class. He managed to get rank A during the entrance exams, this is mainly due to the fact that he has an incredible abnormality, somehow, he has the ability to create a sword out of nothing. Not only that but he is also very proficient with it. What bothers me most is the fact that he is only one year older than me,
“how could someone so young already be that powerful?” I thought to myself. People with natural talent like that always made me upset. It’s not fair that some people are just born with extreme talent and skill, while I was born with nothing. As I headed off to class, I noticed something strange, my class usually never starts this early in the day. I wondered if classes had gotten changed and I just wasn’t notified, of if my grandfather had simply made a mistake in saying I would be late for class. I decided to go anyways, once I had arrived all I heard was Captain Strek yell out “Mistery you’re late!” once I heard that my instant reaction was to run, I ran into the academy and got in line. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn’t stop to look around.
“Welcome” Captain Strek yelled out
“You’re all here because you were recommended to me by King Zant”
“Everyone here is supposedly qualified for this; this class will be the equivalent to that of an S ranked class” he announced. At that moment I started to panic, I just recently passed the C class exam and now I’m enrolled in the S class course, it was insane.
As Captain Strek continued to explain the course to everyone I took a quick glance around. I didn’t see many people there, I would say around 20 in total. The only face I recognized was Blade, of course he would be in this class. Seeing Blade here made me a tad worried about the skill required for this course.
“While I know that King Zant recommended you all to this course, I run my class a bit differently than all the others, I won’t accept recommendations” he said, at that moment I breathed a sigh of relief. I was just about to turn around and head home when I heard him say
“You all must turn to the person next to you and engage them in a duel, the winner of that duel will be allowed to stay in this course. Seconds after he had finished speaking a boy was already on the ground unconscious and standing before him was Blade, he had taken no second thought and done as he was instructed to. I was frozen at the sight of many people battling each other. I was too busy watching everyone else fight that I completely forgot that I was supposed to be fighting as well. I was then struck in the face and dropped down onto the ground. I quickly got up and regained my composure. I knew just by looking at the guy that there was no way I would be able to overpower him so I resorted to ranged attacks. I kept my distance and started to blast short bursts of fire at his direction, I didn’t want to use that much firepower since it tends to drain a person’s stamina very quickly. After I had stopped using fire in order to conserve my stamina the guy once again charged me this time landing a blow on my stomach which left me gasping for air. At this moment, I thought of surrendering I was thinking of just throwing in the towel and going back home. At that moment memories of my first entrance exam started to come back to me, I was badly injured but I had passed the exam, and so I gave up all thought of surrendering and decided to charge him myself. I was definitely faster than him he was a bulky guy so my guess was that his specialty was strength not speed. Ever since I was little I had always been very fast, no one my age could ever to keep up with me and as I grew older my speed kept increasing, and so at this moment when it mattered the most I managed to proper use my speed in battle. I kept circling him and striking the same place just below his ribs continuously. Every time he got hit he lost some speed, I had used this to my advantage in order to close in on him. Before I knew it, he fell to the ground and I was declared the winner. After the battle, the elder of the village started to tend our wounds, I had a small cut on my left cheek there wasn’t much blood but she still patched it up.
After the battles had ended we all headed home for the day. Surprisingly I wasn’t very tired even after all of the running that I had done. Once I arrived back at the castle I decided to go confront my grandfather and ask him why he had put me in such a high ranked class. I walked up the stairs and went straight to the throne room, there was no one to be found. Even all of the guards and maids who are usually in the throne room were all gone. I started to look around some more, I even when upstairs and into my grandfather’s room, I still found nothing. I then decided that it was no big deal and I began to walk to my room in the cellar. However, before I could even reach the door I hear a faint scream coming from outside. I then ran as fast as I could to the main doors. Once I got there I realized that I was too late. What I found were two guards on the ground, they each had a hole through their chests and blood was splattered on the ground next to them, their bodies piled ontop of eachother lying limp. I looked up to see a strange creature with what seemed to be a sword attached to his arm, the sword was covered in blood. All the creature did was stand there and look at me. I tried to not make any sudden movements, I was still very shocked at what was going on, I had found two dead guards and a strange creature who is probably thinking of killing me. Just when I thought I had lost all hope the creature was struck from behind. Who I saw was Blade. However, the attack was ineffective, the creature turned around and stared at Blade. At that moment Blade’s face changed from serious to frightened, he dropped his sword and just as the creature was about to pierce his chest my body started moving on it's own, I ran up to the creature and struck him, the creature lost his composure and fell to the ground.
“What are you doing pick up your sword and let’s take this thing out!” I said to Blade as he looked at me with a shocked expression. Blade said nothing he just continued to look at the creature in fear, he even seemed to have backed up slightly as if he was thinking about running away. The creature was starting to look angry, he began to run towards me, I was struck across the face with the creature’s sword, my face started to bleed, I was in pain and all Blade did was stand there and watch. The creature and I continued to exchange blows, I however, was severely outmatched, I started to feel a raging flame inside me as I was getting beaten. Most of my body was covered in cuts and scratches. I couldn’t seem to catch a breath there were no guards around and Blade seemed paralyzed by fear. I then stopped to once again notice what seemed to be a fire inside my chest. I hit my chest and before I knew it that fire spread around my entire body, my stamina which had been almost depleted came back to me and there was a faint red aura around me. The creature was getting impatient and rushed to try to finish me off, as he charged me his movements seemed much slower to me and I managed to launch a counter attack which sent him falling to the ground. Even my punch seemed stronger to me, this was the first time I had felt something like this, “is this what it feels like to be powerful” I had thought to myself. I didn’t have much time to appreciate my newly found power, I knew it was my job to stop this creature at all costs. I then took into consideration my increase in stamina and made use of it. I engulfed my fist in a small flame and struck the creature before he could react. The creature had then once again fallen back onto the ground, however, this time his body began to decompose. I then felt the red aura around me disappear and all of my stamina was drained from me, I fell to the ground on my knees gasping, This was the first time I had ever been in a life or death situation. Shortly after I had defeated the creature I saw a young woman point at our direction, behind her was Captain Strek.
Captain Strek notified us that my grandfather had gone off to Hearth. As the two dead guards were taken away the elder had once again healed my wounds. Captain Strek had me explain what happened. A couple of hours passed and my grandfather had finally arrived, the first thing he did hug me, he started to apologize
“Mistery, I am truly sorry about leaving you without proper notice, I should’ve at least left a few more guards. Please forgive me” he said to me
“It’s fine really, me and Blade managed to take care of the creature” I said that in order to avoid tarnishing Blade’s reputation, I know he had a reason to do what he did back there so I didn’t question it much.
After that incident, my grandfather volunteered to personally train me. I knew that if he were to teach me I would definitely improve. However, his way of teaching was a bit, lacking. My first test was to battle him. We each started off on opposite sides of a field behind the castle. I ended up losing within the first few seconds, I won’t go much into detail about it as to not embarrass myself even further.
After 2 months of intense training every day, I was actually getting better, I still stood no chance against my grandfather however. After those two months passed I was fully prepared to take the next exam. However, my grandfather forbade me from taking the exam I was confused as to why he would do that but i didn't question it since I had noticed that after the first month of training passed he started to become more serious and quiet. After he forbade me from taking the exam he brought me to the academy where Captain Strek, The Elder, and another big man who I had never seen were waiting. They were all standing beside what seemed to be a black space ship. My grandfather then looked at me and began to tell me a story
“Mistery, let me tell you an ancient legend” he said to me.
“Long ago there lived a being of pure evil, our world was brought to waste by this being. Out of the rubble, a mysterious woman appeared she managed to bring this being down but not without a cost. After the violence settled down the woman had given her life in order to seal away this being, the woman was named Neptar.” I had always heard this story when I was a child it was my favorite story. My grandfather then continues to speak
“After that incident Neptar was never seen again, so I decided to help rebuild our society and name the planet in order to honor Neptar’s legacy. To this day the being of pure evil still lives. Its name is Distortion. Distortion was split up into 6 pieces known as the sacred gems. A long time ago those gems were scattered throughout the universe, the longer those gems are kept apart the more powerful Distortion becomes. We chose you to carry out the legacy that Neptar started, you must go out on a journey and search for the 6 gemstones.”
“but, why me?” I answered
“Mistery, you will know in due time, at the current moment there’s not much of a reason to explain, it's best if you are told at a later date” he responded. With no other choice, I hopped on the spaceship and said goodbye to the world that for many years had come to know as home.
Space travel was surprisingly quite relaxing, everything was quiet and I had a great view of the stars. My spaceship came with a built-in radar which tracked very high levels of power. Weeks passed and I still hadn’t found a single gem, I never expected it to be easy but I’m expected to travel the entire universe in search of 6 measly gems. I became bored of searching for the day so I decided to take a nap. However, hours later I was woken up by a loud crash, I then decided to take a look outside and I noticed that the ship was spiraling out of control, I then felt a second crash which caused serious damage to the ship. I had hit an asteroid; the window was shattered and the spaceship was ripped apart. I saw and felt myself falling into the orbit of a strange blue planet. Once I entered the atmosphere my ship was completely disintegrated. I landed in a strange forest. I felt as if all of my bones were broken, my arm was bleeding and I was limping. I limped around the forest for a couple minutes until I finally found the exit. Once I exited the forest I collapsed and lost consciousness, the last thing I remember seeing saw a young blonde girl around my age staring at me in horror.

Chapter 3: Earth

As I woke up, all the pain which I had experienced seemed but like a memory. I opened my eyes to the sight of a very bright light hovering above me. I was very confused since the light seemed to be encased in some sort of glass and was stuck to the ceiling. I was laying down in a very strangely shaped bed which seemed to be made out of a type of metal unknown to me the bed was very comfortable nevertheless. There were many things odd about the room I had found myself in. Everything there just seemed so foreign to me. I also noticed that I had a white cast around my head, I always hated the color white it just seemed so bright to me. Just as I was about to stand up a woman entered the room, she seemed to be looking at a strange rectangular device she kept poking at it as if she expected something to happen, I tried to ignored it and started wondering who she was and why she had brought me here.
“Oh, you’re awake. One of the students found you unconscious just outside of the forest” she said to me
“Where am I?” I asked
“You’re in the school nursery” She replied, “If I may ask what exactly happened to you”
Before I decided to answer her, I thought I should be a little cautious around people I had no connections with.
“I got into a fight,” I said, I couldn’t think of a better answer all I hoped for was that she would believe me.
“You got into a fight? You kids these days and your pointless violence” she said to me with a very strict tone.
“I'm sorry I promise I won't do it again,” I said with a joking tone.
“You better not, I now have to take your temperature and your vitals because you were bleeding just a few minutes ago before I patched you up I just need to check and make sure that nothing too bad has happened to you that I'm not aware of,” she said to me. I had no idea what she meant by any of that so I just said okay and allowed her to proceed. The first thing she did to me was take a small piece of plastic and stick it in my mouth. I was very confused at this point but I kept my composure. After a few seconds, she finally took it out and stared at it, her face instantly went from happy to frightened. I didn’t quite know what had happened to cause her to become as frightened as she looked so I decided to ask
“is everything alright?” She looked at me and tried to fake a smile and said
“yes, yes everything is alright, however, I will have to examine you more thoroughly,” she said to me with the same frightened tone of voice. For what seemed like an hour I was strapped and hooked onto various strange devices, each test she became more and more worried and afraid. I still had no idea what was wrong, she wouldn’t speak to me about it so I just did as I was told. We eventually got to the final examination, she told me she needed some blood, I wasn’t quite sure how she would obtain it from me but I sat patiently and waited for her to explain to me what would happen. She then brought out a very thin sharp piece of metal which she called a “needle”
“This will only hurt a little bit,” she told me, she took hold of my hand and tried to insert the needle into my arm. Once the needle came in contact with my skin it broke in half.
“What are you!?” she exclaimed backing away from me. I decided that I should begin to tell her about myself since she seemed very frightened.
“I am what you would call a Neptarian,” I told her. She seemed confused so I decided to explain to her a little bit more about my background
“I am from a planet which I assume is very far away from here, there, we each have the ability to project fire most of us are trained as warriors to help protect the state of the planet and its people,” I said to her. I couldn’t help but notice that she didn’t seem to believe me, so I simply showed her. I placed my hand out and created a small ball of fire, we are all taught as kids to do this so naturally we Neptarians are all proficient at it. Her confusion and fear then became amazement and joy.
“How did you get here, and why are you here?” she asked me
“I am on a mission, I can’t get into all of the details but basically I crash-landed on this planet and I now have no way to get off of it” I told her, the woman then stood up and began to walk back and forth throughout the room, meanwhile she was mumbling to herself, once again I became confused.
“I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you much on your way back home, however, I can give you some advice,” she told me,
“what kind of advice do you have in mind?” I asked
“If I may ask, what is your name?” she asked me “Mistery,” I responded.
“I recommend keeping it a secret that you’re an alien if anyone finds out it could cause widespread panic. Try to go with a much simpler name like Jake. I will also enroll you in this school so you can blend in with the rest of the kids your age while you find a way back home” she told me before escorting me to a ‘classroom’ as she called it.
Once I had arrived at the classroom there were around 15 people, I saw the girl which I remember seeing just before I lost consciousness. She had caught a glimpse of me, smiled and waved her hand at me. At the time, I didn’t know what that meant so I just mimicked her. As the nurse spoke to the classroom teacher I was told to take a seat. My seat was in the back row, the tables occupied 2 seats each. I was placed in a seat next to a big guy, he seemed quite bulky. He looked very uninterested at the moment, he had his head down and it seemed as if he was sleeping so I ignored him and I sat down. As the school nurse left the room the teacher continued with his lesson.
“Can anyone tell me what began the events of World War II?” he asked. I had absolutely no idea what that was, so I didn’t answer. The entire class he kept asking questions and explaining events which I had never even heard of. The only wars which I had ever heard of were the interplanetary wars between Neptar and our neighboring planet, Kelklia. After 3 hours or so everyone got up after hearing a sort of bell. I didn’t know what was going on so I just decided to follow everyone. I noticed that we all ended up outside, there were some stalls set up. It seemed like people were selling food. I decided to just stand in a secluded spot and begin to wonder how I was going to get home, I couldn’t contact my grandfather, I couldn’t just hover I wouldn’t even know what direction to go. My best bet was to try to find and repair my spaceship or just find a new one.
After a couple minutes to myself, I saw a guy walking towards me with what seemed to be a smirk on his face. It was the same guy that was asleep next to me.
“Hey everybody let’s welcome the new kid huh?” He said with a chuckling expression. Some students looked at me and laughed while a few other looked at the guy in fear. I didn’t quite know what was about to happen. I could only imagine that a fight was about to begin however I knew that this planet was very different than my own so I simply continued to listen.
“let me show you what I do to new kids or guys I simply just don’t like,” he said to me. I saw him raise his arm up and throw a punch, I didn’t hesitate I moved my head out of the way and struck his gut. After I had landed that blow the whole crowd went silent and the guy began to grovel in pain on the ground. That was when I walked away. Fights in Neptar very rarely end that quick even if one person much more skilled than the other. I was then confronted by the same girl who found me unconscious.
“How did you do that?!” she exclaimed to me
“It’s very common to know how to fight where I come from” is said, I tried to refrain from giving away too much information on myself.
“That’s not what I mean, you managed to move out of the way and punch him before he even threw the punch,” she told me. “I guess I just have fast reflexes,” I said trying to play it cool. I had to listen to the nurse and keep my identity a secret, I didn't know much about this world as it was so I chose not to take any risks by revealing too much about Neptar or my background.
Throughout the entire day after that incident, the guy who I had found out was named Bill had avoided me, and the girl who had saved me when I crash landed was named Janet. She started to follow me around and show me a bit around the school all day, it was a very small school it only had three or so classrooms, she had told me that the town was very small and poor so they couldn't afford a proper school. For the next few hours we kept talking whilst I tried my best to lie about my background. Once school had been over everyone decided to go home. As for me, I was left to wander throughout the town. They had a great lake to the south and even beyond that was a huge mountain overlooking the town. To the north was the school, which was surrounded by trees, the school was also on a hill quite higher than the town itself which was down next to the lake.
As I started to walk around the town I saw that the floor seemed constructed with various materials instead of just dirt or stone. As I continued walking I was greeted by a loud sound. I had to quickly jump out of the way, what almost hit me seemed like a huge metal vehicle. It was gray and had black wheels, at the time I was new to this planet so I had no idea what it was that had almost hit me, eventually I would come to know that it was a car. This world’s atmosphere seemed similar to mine, same weather, same temperature and even similar looking people. I realized however after talking to the school nurse that humans don't have the same abilities that I do, their bodies can’t handle as much damage as mine can. As time passed and I had seen most of the town I sat down on a small bench, It was in a very peaceful place full of trees and fresh grass. Just under the bench, I saw what seemed to be a black piece of cloth. As I picked it up I noticed it was a full face mask. I could see through it but no one could see my face.
“This might come in handy” I quietly said to myself. To my surprise it did, just as I had picked up the mask I heard a loud crash. What I heard was the sound of glass shattering. Not far ahead of me was a small store named “”. I quickly rushed inside after putting on the mask and saw two men wearing similar-looking masks. They were each holding a small metal device which resembled a weapon. They pointed the weapon at me, I saw a smaller piece of metal fly towards me, It was pretty fast though not as fast as some of the things we’re used to on Neptar. As I rushed out of the way of the metal I saw the other man take a person which seemed to be the storekeeper and pointed the weapon to his head he kept shouting “hand over the money and we’ll leave you alone” at that moment I realized that the situation I was in was a robbery. I quickly blasted the weapon out of both of the men's hands. They seemed angry, so much so that one rushed me. All I could think of was the fighting potential of these humans I had realized by now that their race isn't properly built for combat. With that knowledge at hand, I quickly incapacitated both of the crooks with ease. The storekeeper thanked me but not without asking how I was able to blast fire. At that moment I became worried that my presence had been discovered. I said to the man “I'm sorry for causing any trouble” the man responded with “no, it's fine you saved my life today I should be the one apologizing for causing you trouble” I have never had the chance to feel important in my life. That day was the first time that someone had actually depended on me and thanked me for helping them. “please do me a favor and keep this a secret I don't want anyone to find out that I'm not from this world, I'd appreciate it” as I said that I rushed off to the nearby forest where I had crashed. Before I had left I saw the man become a mixture of confused and excited, I guess most humans in this town are the same as the way I make myself known to them. After that night’s climax had settled down I headed for the mountain range just off the coast of the town’s great lake. There I spent the rest of my night wondering how I would get back home, I tried to think of solutions all night until I passed out from exhaustion.

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