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Some notes after the Week 6 class.
In Week 6, we began to look at Unit 6 of our textbook. We looked at pages 41, 36, and 37.

Unit 6 is about adverbs of frequency (always, sometimes, usually, etc.). The vocabulary of the unit is focused on exercise and sports.

We started class by answer the question: "How healthy are you?"

In groups, students answered this question and gave reasons for their answers.

We then talked about ways to improve our health. For example:

         1) Sleep more.
         2) Eat more vegetables.
         3) Eat less junk food.
         4) Exercise more.
         5) Get a physical examination.

We clarified some important vocabulary:

         1) Snack: any small food you eat between meals.
         2) Junk food: "gomi" food; food with almost no health benefit.
         3) Physical exam: "check-up"
         4) Treadmill: "running machine" in Japan.
         5) Couch potato: a person that gets almost no exercise at all.

As a teacher, I think students need to spend more time making example sentences about themselves. For example:

         "I _________ eat ______________."
         "Sometimes I ____________."
And other sentences. Making sentences about yourself is the best way to remember these key ideas.

I think that by the end of class, most students understood how to use this vocabulary and grammar, so I changed the focus of the lesson from "How healthy are you?" to "How happy are you?"

Students worked in groups to ask the teacher questions to gauge how happy the teacher is. For example:

         "Do you like yourself?"
         "Do you eat delicious food?"
         "Do you ever travel?"
         "Do you ever have a holiday?"
         "How often do you talk to your friends?"
         "How often do you exercise?"

I thought these, and others, were good questions. I encourage you to ask them of yourself.

Remember: a treadmill is that little wheel a hamster runs on, going nowhere. Is the hamster happy? Are you happy? How happy are you? Is there anything you can do more of? less of? I think you are going somewhere. Keep up the great work in class. See you next week.

Important: Wednesday classes will have Mid-Term Test on November 29th, Thursday classes will have Mid-Term Test on November 30th.

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