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He's calling, are you listening?
This is a two part , next week will be part two

Your Calling, Part 1

Matthew 28:18-20

And Jesus came unto them saying "All power is given unto me in Heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit: teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I command you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen."

         Last week, I talked about Salvation. This week is 'your calling', or otherwise known in Christian circles as 'The Great Commission".

         Jesus commissions us here as His final act, just before the transfiguration into the heavens. Although these words are recorded in Matthew, Mark also recorded these words, yet in a different manner:

Mark16:15-18 :

"Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that beleiveth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that beleiveth not shall be damned And these signs shall follow them that believe; in My name shall they cast out devils, they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they shall drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover."

         At the ends of Luke & John, there are no such recordings of such words; but for in John. Jesus gives Peter, one of His disciples, somewhat of a similar, yet abbreviated message by asking him if he loves Him (Jesus). Peter is asked this question 3 times, and all 3 times he replies in the affirmative. The Jesus answers him three times with the command, "Feed My sheep."

         A lot of people ( let's just say: those that haven't had the scales peeled from their eyes, yet) look at the bible as an antiquated book full of stories and fairy tales. All of that is true, except the fairy tale part. Yes, I will agree, it IS an antiquated book, but it is not out of style, it is very much relevant today as when it was finished nearly 2000 years ago & the ink was still wet on the pages. And I, as do so many other Christians, take EVERY word written in it in a literal fashion, meaning we know that we know that we know that every word printed in "that antiquated book" is nothing but God's Truth. period. God's word is very much true today, as back when He was inspiring the authors of the books of the bible, and it continue to be so in the future until the end of the earth.

         Which leads to what I am talking about today. If you are a Christian, it is YOUR duty to get out and make disciples of other people who have not yet encountered the Lord. It is MY duty, and I (as I mentioned last week) {EDIT: I didn't say that in last weeks MMM, I said it on my bio} feel that I was led back here by the Spirit, so as to bring God's word to WDC. Now, that's not saying that WDC is full of nonbelievers and atheists. Actually, quite the contrary. I have met a lot of wonderful people in here who claim to be Christian. I pray that it is more than just claiming, but if it is, or if it isn't, that is between that person and God. only God knows their hearts. BUT, God also knows the hearts of the unbelievers, also.

         So, who is commissioned? As stated earlier, we ALL are. We are tasked with getting the word out, no matter the cost. In this day and age, we are being shut up at an alarming rate, but Jesus tells us in the New Testament, to "not worry about those that can take the life", because our life down here on earth is temporary anyways. In the grand scheme of eternity, we are told that are lives are but a vapor. Have you ever seen, like, gas vapors coming from the nozzle while you fill your car? Or say, gas vapors coming out of an uncapped gas can? They don't last long, do they? That is our lifelong existence as far as eternity goes. Kind of puts things in perspective, now doesn't it? So, if we know that we know that we KNOW we are Christians, and we are His children, we have absolute naught to worry. Because one day, when the evil forces finally wipe out the final believer, that final person, just like so many before him or her who have gone before them, will close their eyes, and wake up in Heaven. Because Jesus has conquered death at the cross. We will not suffer the second death that is spoken of & warned about in the book of Revelation. Unbelievers, not so. They will wake up in utter darkness, yet they will hear the wailing & gnashing of teeth. yet, they won't be with anyone. They are going to be all alone, in their own little solitary cell, being tormented for eternity. "But God is a God of love & mercy. he wouldn't allow that to happen to us," is the mantra cried by those who either believe they have plenty of time to get right, or just simply deny Him altogether. NOT SO! Yes, God IS a God of mercy & love, but it is not really His hope that His creation goes to Hell. As a matter of fact, He doesn't want ANY body going there, but if you reject Him, even on your death bed, with your final breath of air, THAT'S where you WILL be going, make no mistake about it. People talk about "this sin or that sin" is the ultimate sin, but no...ALL sins can be AND ARE forgiven, except one...Rejection of Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour.

         So, where do WE come in? By getting out in the public. Not in a pushy in your face way, which is why so many people today turn the other way when they see a Christian coming down the sidewalk. But in a meek and lowly way. Be humble when sharing the Word. Remember, you are a servant, not a lord. just as Jesus showed the example by being a servant, so must we do the same, if we are to follow Him sincerely. We MUST keep in mind at ALL times that we were not born a Christian, but chose to accept His gift of redemption. You catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar. Show people you honestly & sincerely DO care about their welfare. Show people love, God's love, through your actions. "Show, don't tell" is a popular phrase here in the writing word. Same holds true out there in your everyday actions with the secular world. Help somebody. Volunteer. Give a person who doesn't have the luxury of having a vehicle a ride somewhere they need, like say...to the VA. Give a homeless person some food, or better yet, some shelter. I could go on & on with this list..it is not an exhaustive list. While you are with them, share the gospel. Now, don't go beating them over the head with it...just tell them what God & His Son have done for you in your life. Take mine for example. I have been on drugs. I have been an alcoholic, I have been homeless. I have been without a vehicle. In other words, you can probably name it, & I can probably say I have "been there, done that". But when I finally found Christ back in '98 (November, to be precise), He rescued me from all that. I now have a home, TWO cars, a very loving wife (who is the one who led me to Christ, by the way), and I have not been in need of a job for 18 years. But now, don't take me wrong here. Don't read into this in a wrong fashion. God isn't going to bless you just because you accepted Him...although He will. Cars, homes, spouses, jobs...all that stuff isn't going to appear overnight just because you become a Christian. DESPITE what these PROSPERITY preachers are out there RIGHT NOW telling everybody. No, it takes work on YOUR behalf. Don't worry about it, though, for Jesus says "My yoke is easy, and My burden is light". If you wake up each morning, the first person you should be talking to is not yourself or your spouse. your first words should be to God. Find out what He needs you to do today. I know it isn't easy. There are some days, the first thing on my mind is that first cup of coffee. Hey, I'm human, not a saint. and really, I find out that on THOSE particular days, my day doesn't go as I planned. Then, I turn to the Lord, and say, "OK, my bad Lord...what do you need today?" and I get an answer, and then I try to do my best at getting HIS goals, not MINE achieved...and my day turns out brighter at the end, than in the beginning. We are all under God's will, not our own, despite what the scoffers & unbelievers would like for you to believe.

         Well, that's it. I hope this is a great help to even just one person. Because remember, Jesus was just ONE person...and He turned the world upside down. He was a revolutionary...let us follow His example & turn it upside down, or on its ear, also.

         IF you are NOT a Christian, but would like more information on how to become one, or you feel God is knocking on your heart's door (He will NEVER beat it down like a SWAT team)..He gently knocks....get in touch with me through email on here, ( or any other person in WDC that you know is Christian), & I will try to do my best to answer any questions you may have regarding becoming a Christian. Although I have an open ear ( & email box)....hate speech or anything construed as bullying will not be tolerated, & I am giving you fair warning now, make no mistake about it: I will turn your email to me over to WDC. Once again...I am an easy going, loving, tolerable man, I don't tolerate hate, though.

         Oh, and also....please drop in again next Monday for another "Monday Morning Ministry. Thank you, God bless you, & I love you all!

         Oh, and for those wondering where I get my scripture? I use NOTHING BUT the King James version of the Holy Bible, with the words of Jesus Christ our Saviour & Lord written in red..


If you are not a Christian, but you feel deeply God's tug at your heartstrings, then here is a simple prayer. Yes, it is that easy...to become a child of God's:

"Dear Jesus, I Know that I am a sinner, and I need you. I am humbly calling out to you. I am tired of doing things my way. Help me to start doing things your way. I invite you into my heart to be my Lord & Saviour. Fill the emptiness inside me, make me whole, Lord. Lord, help me to trust you, help me to love you, help me to live my life for you. Help me to understand your grace, mercy, & peace. Thank you, Lord. Amen."

Now, if you just prayed that prayer, and you were VERY sincere and honest about what you just prayed, Jesus will come into your heart. You have just now became a Christian. You have just now been grafted into the family of God. Welcome, brother, or sister!

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