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Rated: E · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2140270
Part 2 of a 50 Prompt Challenge! Part 1 being Subdue Your Passion!
The day started out normally, with Stymac grabbing a cup of coffee and eating some breakfast. Telekinetic magic immediately put to work to act as another set of hands. He sat down to think about what should happen today, he could get some work done but the keys to thebasement lab were hidden so he wouldn't overwork himself. He considered taking some books from Bearded Bear's "secret" library, but remembered that the wizard wasn't in his hibernation period. He saw his old goggles laying on the coffee table and recalled that it had been a while since he had gone out to feel the wind in his hair and just go somewhere.
It wasn't every day that Stymac took his bike out on a joy-ride. After all, he used to be able to fly so he didn't really have a need to ride it that often, but it was decided. He had no better ideas and it would do him some good to get out of the house for a bit. He got on his motorcycle, putting his goggles on while headed to where it was, and drove off somewhere.
After a while of just speeding along a road, enjoying the view of things whizzing by. He decided to stop for a bit and look at where he was. He hung the goggles he was wearing around his neck, and took a deep breath. He figured that nothing was going to happen that day as it had been rather lazy lately. However, he knew that could mean something big was coming also. Stymac preferred to believe the former though.
After a few minutes, he figured that he should get back on the road, after all, he couldn't stay here forever. He took one last look around at everything in the distance, the trees, the power lines, the creatures of unfathomable horror chasing a damaged Robo-Butler- "Wait, what-"the half-breed shook his head and blinked, his wings tensing under his jacket.
Headed in his direction were, the small robot, two large creatures that were navy and midnight blue, several others in other colors such as purple or green who were in various sizes, and one he recognized all too well, a golden creature resembling a wyvern with two front legs rather than back ones that had white scales climbing up them about midway and crazed red eyes. Oh, he barely escaped the first encounter with it alive.
He hopped on his bike, fixed his goggles up and started the bike back up. He heard a thud and almost took off right there, but heard someone shout for him to wait, causing him to hesitate for some reason. Something got on the bike and simply shouted, "STEP ON IT, SOUL BOY!"
Immediately, he knew two things. One was that Robo-Butler was the one on his bike. The other was that he needed to drive away like a madman. He did just that, simply telling the robot to hold on tight.
They drove away towards the mountain in the distance. Knowing exactly where they were headed, the creatures followed behind, still after their target. Stymac took the time to ask a question, "How in the hell did you end up with those things chasing you?"
"It's a long story."
"Give me the short version."
"Bearded Bear's cat got lose and opened a portal. I saw these things and prepared a blast from my plasma cannon. They thought I would be 'Good practice for a big hunt.' I said that I wouldn't be reduced to that and we fought. The fight lead here and I realized that I wasn't going to 'survive' if I kept going, so I fled."
"How did you get here?"
"I felt like riding my bike for the sake of feeling the wind in my hair."
"I said how not why."
"I burrowed in- what do you think?"
"Turn left in two minutes."
"I didn't turn left I-"
"No, turn left, I know a shortcut to the cave."
"So do I and we're nowhere near the forest."
"I know a faster shortcut, turn left in a minute and a half, there's a portal that leads to the cave."
"Fine." It was then, Stymac noticed something, Robo-butler had been speaking by sentence splicing various audio clips. "Er... Why are you sentence splicing? You lose your voice chip somehow?"
"What happened to your voice chip?"
"...None of your business."
"Tell me what happened." he commanded, while turning left.
"...I took it out in hopes that if they knew I was a robot, and not someone in a robotic suit, they wouldn't try to render me into scrap metal and a broken hard drive. It didn't work, the gold one destroyed it and the rest is history."
"Bearded Bear isn't going to be happy about that." Stymac said as they went in the cave.
"I know."
We popped out near the cave and just drove right in. We were lifted in the air with a teal aura and a wall sealed behind us. "Alright, two things. One, no driving in the cave. Two, why are there creatures of unfathomable horror chasing the two of you?" I cut the engine. "Robo-butler was the one being chased first, I just let him hitch a ride to here because we thought you would know what to do."
"Can you put us down now?" Robo-butler added. Bearded bear set us down as we heard frantic pounding and calls for Bearded Bear. "Is that," the wizard listened closely, "Gelder?" There were confirmation screams and he was teleported in. He looked roughed up, with some blood trailing down one of his arms and clothes a bit torn up. "Thanks."

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