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The illusion of the human mind and concepts of creation.
Religion itself is a fabrication of the human mind and understanding. A great man once said if there wasn't any religion or god then man itself would feel the need to fabricate and follow it for the simple reason of giving life more meaning than just to live. All religions are in a sense the same in that they all stemmed from a singular meaning and purpose, multiple religions are just simply different cultures interpretations of the same thing but this in itself was guided and meant to be.

The Creation of religion was necessary in order to be able to understand, respect and follow what could never be easily understood or accepted by the mind of an imperfect creation. Our understanding is true but so basic and watered down that the human race went in the wrong direction with it for thousands of years and now take it literally as its currently proclaimed and comprehended.

We will never be able to fully understand the meaning of life and existence because we cant adopt the mental comprehension of a god.

Definite proof of religion would destroy life itself as most would take it as the idea of god being a specific religion when its only a concept, these beliefs branched out from a single purpose to realize the impossible, all things are true and false at the same time. The human condition has simply falsified it with our imperfect qualities (emotions, beliefs, upbringing, society, ignorance, envy, anger, the need to be right and discredit etc.)

That's why its absolutely necessary to shed all previous beliefs and exceptions that have been programmed into us since birth. Society and our own human status has blinded us through the comprehensive qualities of the human creation.

This is why children sometimes can have a greater adaptation to the psychic and paranormal phenomena, the way they understand the world and everything else is still in its infancy and they are still open to nearly every possibility. Your mind is powerful enough to create the reality you want to perceive even if its not as it actually is. The mere thought or desire for an experiment to fail or for something to not be believed is enough to block it out and prove it false.

Definite proof of god or a divine creator would destroy us because of our inability to adapt and accept, if divine understanding and power isn't enough to end all life then we would do it to ourselves through ignorance and refusal to accept the truth.

The Akashic Records have been regarded as false simply because its not humanly possible to prove a divine plane of existence of untethered and unlimited knowledge. This plane is only accessible through the unhindered and fully accepting subconscious mind, most people of religious beliefs know it as "The Book of Life."

Human beings cannot and will never be able to prove the existence of god because concrete proof isn't real faith, its not real faith to believe in something we can see and touch, its simply believing without faith. Faith is having confidence and belief in something that has no proof or absolute evidence, we have to be able to believe without it as the truth would destroy us and pit human kind against each other.

Everything is interconnected and an extension of a divine consciousness, we are all part of a greater whole waiting to be realigned to 1.
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