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My kitty of 17 years. Written for Beloved Pets Contest.
A beautiful gray, brown cat with black stripes.
My husband Ray and I loved you very much.
You played with milk rings and had your favorite
stuffed, gray mouse you bought into my bed.

I am glad the mouse wasn't real. You would purr
and talk to him. Sadly, you lost him in a house
fire. When the house caught on fire, I grabbed you,
left my purse and had no shoes on as I stepped outside.

The snow was cold and we went to my in-laws and we
stayed two weeks and our former high school principal
let us live in his house. We got a new house on the same
land and you hid but you came out and got used to the place.

You started to age. You slowed down. You started to eat
less. You laid down with me on the couch and still purred.
You spent all your time in the patio window. You meowed
and jumped at the window trying to get a bird. Silly girl.

You started to get skinny and wouldn't eat. The Vet said
you had kidney disease. They gave me pills for you to
take. They didn't help very long. You refused to eat and
I would carry you to the patio window, your favorite place.

I took you back to the Vet and he was going to give you
more IV's and told me I would have to learn how to give you
IVs to keep you alive. I was willing to do this. Sadly, you died
as the Vet was putting the IVs in you. I was heartbroken.

You have a cat planter on your grave and your own engraved
name plate. I love you and miss you. I still see you jumping on
the dryer and in the curtains. I loved when you chased your tail
around. You jumped at me when I made the bed and walked by.

You would hide under the dining room table to attack me and I
would laugh when you ran through the bathroom and down the
hall. You were a Nascar Driver and you never hit the wall. You
were Kasey Kayne or Ryan Newman. I miss you still, baby girl.

I know you are in Heaven at Rainbow Bridge. I will see you again
someday. We have a tortoise shell kitty now but we still love you
and I do visit your grave. Sometimes, I feel you are with me in spirit.
Thank you, Tigger for being my first kitty and making my life beautiful.

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Beautiful Poser of young Megan and kitty.
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