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This is a sorta rip of of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, but with my added twist.
Chapter 3: ‘Sea’ing the New Me (pun intended)
We finally got to the beach and I rushed down to the water. I went in till the water was up to my ankles and bent down. Thought so. I had a sorta…what face was it? It’s what humans call ‘A men’s best friend’… oh a dog! I had a some kind of dog face with the ears on my head instead of the sides which were what seems to be aura sensors on the side of my face. I also had a weird thing on my face that what some Pokémon describe as a ‘mask’ on my face which the middle part of it went up to the snout. As expected, my head is yellow but the aura sensors and the mask is as black as the torso in legs. I’m what’s seems to be a yellow Riolu (I knew I wasn’t a Shiny Riolu cause they are yellowish-green) but this things were missing. I have no collar on me, I have no arm plate thingies on my arms, I had brown eyes like I did in the human world and I’m pretty fluffy. No Riolu has a hair style on their heads and my tail was not the right shape, it was more dog like. I stared in shock of what I was until… “Hey Brodie! You okay?” I just run back up towards him in higher sand and used one out the three paw fingers to draw. “Oh! You wanted to come here to talk easier.” I nodded and continued to write in Unown ‘Hi Quilava, I’m Brodie and believe me or not I’m not from around here.’ He looked at it for a while and then looked at me. “Well first, Hi and second, what do you mean ‘not from around here’?” I erased the letters with my feet (which was weird by the way) and written down ‘don’t tell anyone but I’m a human shh!’ I stared at him while he read and froze in horror with a numb shocked look towards me as if he saw a creature from another world…and he was, so… I wanted to say ‘Surprise’ but instead I put my right leg to the side and my hands in the air shaking, followed by an awkward happy smile and giggled. What am I thinking. “He stopped for a second, rubbed the words and looked back at me. “…I…” I know I know, your speechless and you want to tell me that you can- “I believe you.” …what? “I mean…your a different coloured Pokémon that seemed to be shocked of what you are and you speak a whole new language. So yeah, I believe you.” I could feel joy in my heart but that left one thing in my mind- “And I know that you won’t have sand all around you, you need to talk to everyone somehow.” Yeah, how am I supposed to talk when no one understands me? “Oh! I got an idea, follow me!” Next thing I knew, Quilava dragged me back towards the village that we skipped through by going to the side while heading to the beach. “Just try not to speak or do much, I got an idea and a friend in mind that can help. I gulped in fear. What is he going to do? After a while, we made it to a steel-looking house (Well wasn’t a house but I forgot what it’s called), which was weird considering the rest of the houses I see are made of wood and looked natural. Quilava then knocked it in a certain beat. Within a few seconds to door opened revealing a black and blue lion with a star tail. I automatically recognised it as a Luxray. “Ah, Quilava! What a shock to see you here at this time, I’m not quite done with our project.” “Well Mr.Luxray my friend here has, uh got a curse.” What! “What kind of course, and shouldn’t you visit the library or some kind of Psychic Pokémon about it.” “I was going to but I thought I might as well be here to help my friend.” “Well please come in.” We entered the house to see one side of the room having some wooden chairs and tables which were covered with science looking glass with weird coloured mixtures in them. The other side had electric wiring and metal gear that seemed almost impossible to be build without human help. “So Quilava, what is this curse you speak of?” “I’m not quite sure but it changed my friend, Riolu's fur to a different colour and he can’t speak.” “Really?” He then stared at me with his sharp impaling eyes. “Is this true young Riolu?” I was terrified and shy so I just looked down and nodded. “Okay…(his eyes are then back to their happy old self)…so how you expecting me to help him.” “ I thought you can make a machine to make him talk or something.” “Hmm not a bad idea…bad I ask for a favour in exchange for this new project.” “I thought you might say that, that’s why me and Br-Riolu…will work on the other project. Right Riolu?” Now I’m forced to work on a mysterious project to speak to everyone somehow. I don’t even think human technology can advance that far- “Then it’s settled, let go!” What the fudge… what’s fudge, it’s something I always say but I don’t remember what it means. Next thing I knew I was carried towards the near end of the electronic equipment where a cloth was. Quilava lifted the cloth to reveal a halved-build wooden boat with a weird machine on the back of it. I know that boats take you over the water but what is that machine, and why does he want a boat?” “Quilava! Is it okay if I borrow the Riolu for a sec?” “Sure!” Quilava then did a little things with his paw to tell me ‘go on, he won’t bite’ but I was still nervous about the situation. “Come on, we don’t have all day!” I panicked and ran towards him in an awkward manner. I made it to him in one piece. “Okay now stay still and calm down.” The Luxray then tried to stand on two legs, but since his body was made to stand on four, he used the other to go over my head with a measuring tape. In my head I’m just screaming ‘how the fudge are you doing that’ but I won’t bother with it. “And done! Thanks, you are a lot taller then I thought you would, now back to your work.” I nodded and ran back to the Quilava.
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