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by n.o.
Rated: 13+ · Draft · Military · #2140442
This story is about two army buddies who end up raising an orphan that they rescued.

He's fed up and sick and tired of the whole thing. If he had his way, he'd go awol and return to the states. But,

he can't. His buddy is there, where they are. An unknown land. An unknown country. They're fighting somebody

else's war. And caring for somebody else's kid!!

"Aw, she's cute.", said the chief nurse. "Adorable.", said the other nurse. "You gave her a name??"

"She's not a dog.", said the soldier. "Of course, she's got a name."

"Wish it was on her.", said the army buddy.

"You guys have no idea how to raise a child, much less a girl.", the chief nurse said.

"We didn't know how to fight a war.", the soldier said. "But we're doing it."

"Still don't know.", said his buddy.

"Well, if you need help, we'll be around.", the other nurse said.

"We do need help babysitting.".


"While we go out on dates.".

"Who'd you have in mind??"

"Oh, somebody who'd like to stay indoors dating, while babysitting.".
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