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A Beetlejuice Fanfiction - Betelgeuse/Lydia - Safety for her and freedom for him.
Two months had passed like a flash for the unique little family and surprisingly they had ended up getting into a routine of sorts. It seemed that the poltergeist was truly a creature of habit and clearly didn't mind routine as long as he had his freedom.

So, when Betelgeuse wasn't 'working' and Lydia thought that loosely, because she really didn't know what the poltergeist did and to be honest, she didn't want to know; He was helping her take care of Lucy. The young mother had to admit that he wasn't that bad of a husband and pretty decent father. The dead man always had their daughter within his grasps and Lucy seemed to prefer it that way as well. As soon as she would see him, she would fuss until she was in his arms and be glued to his side until she fell asleep. It would be obvious to anyone who observed them that they had a very strong and close bond and that warmed Lydia's heart immensely every time she watched them.

Another part of their routine was their eating schedule and that was one that Lydia had never thought they'd be doing, especially with the way her family had been growing up. Lydia had seen more take out boxes, than she had homemade food. Maybe that was why she got into that routine to begin with. Maybe she wanted her family to be different, hell they were different. So that why every morning she would get up and make them all breakfast, then Betelgeuse would leave for work and pop in later for lunch, then go back to whatever he had been doing until dinner time. In a weird way, it worked for them.

The last of their routine was after dinner, where they usually ended up in the living room watching either a tv show or some kind of movie. Most of the time, Lydia would be curled up on the couch with a blanket, while Betelgeuse sprawled out in his worn chair with Lucy sleeping soundly on his chest.

Tonight, was just like any other night for the little family. After some debate, they ended up watching some raunchy comedy that she would never have given a chance to, but she had to admit that it was quite funny. Not that she would tell him that. The dead man's ego was large enough as it was, it didn't need any more inflating.

Next to her the phone sprang to life and Lydia quickly reach over to answer it. "Hello?"

"Lydia, Pumpkin! How are you and my granddaughter doing?" Her dad's voice echoed in her ear.

A smile sprang forth, as she heard the warm tone of her father. She really did miss him, even if he was a little high strong at times and let her stepmother boss him around the majority of the time. "Hi dad. We're both doing great. How are you and Delia? How's Barbra and Adam?" she asked her dad, as she heard Betelgeuse say something loudly like Hiya Chuck. She glared at her husband and he shot her that obnoxious grin of his. Oh, he just loves that she hasn't told her family about them being married yet and has been bugging the shit out of her about it for as long as they have been hitched. She covered the receiver with her hand and whispered to him sharply "It's not funny asshole. Knock it off."

He just continued to grin and turned back to the movie, purposely laughing noisily at the funny parts. She gave the dead man the evil eye and returned to her conversation that she wasn't even listening to. From what she could gather, everyone was fine and dandy. She talked to her dad for a couple more minutes, until work called and he had to let her go.

Once she said goodbye and hung up the phone, her obnoxious jerk of a husband spoke up from his chair. "When ya gonna tell them about us, Babes? It's already been two months and it's just gonna get longer."

She glared at the man once again and crossed her arms under her chest, her tongue heavy with frustration and sarcasm. "I have already told you that I will. I just have to find the right time. It's not like they have the greatest track record with you. You know with you terrorizing them and all."

The poltergeist let out a loud huff and popped out of sight for a few minutes, only to come back childless and with a long neck in his hand. "You don't have to get all bitchy about it, Sweets."

"I'm not getting bitchy about anything and I'm not going to debate about this again." She turned her attention back to the tv, trying to get back into the movie and ignoring her obnoxious husband.

He let out a snort and took a swig of his beer. "Why does it have to be a debate? I ain't debating sweetheart, I'm pointing out the motherfuckin' facts. I'm your husband and the father of your child. You're gonna have to tell the in-laws, cuz if they come for a surprise visit, I'm sure as hell not gonna leave my home to hideout somewhere!"

Her eyes didn't leave the screen, even though he was ruffling her feathers, while she spewed her heated words back at him. "Who said you had to leave if they did visit? I sure as hell didn't!"

"You sure about that babes." He shot back from his chair, sarcasm clear in his tone.

Lydia growled from the couch and return her glare to him. "Of course, I wouldn't ask my husband to leave our home. You know I wouldn't do that, quit being an asshole."

"Babes, I'm only an asshole, cuz you don't like what I'm tellin' ya. Hell, what I've been tellin' ya. Not that ya listen to me, ya stubborn woman!"

"Ha! I'm stubborn, says the man who won't back off of his wife!"

"Damn right I won't back off about this! You're my wife and lil bug is my kid. I don't want anyone comin' in here and tryin' to take that away. She's mine and so are you!" He sneered and gave her a glare of his own, before taking another long draw from his long neck.

What, now they were his possessions? He did not own them, the fucking dillhole! She stood and hissed hotly at him as she made her way to the kitchen "We're not your fucking possessions, damnit!"

Lydia stomped to the sink and began to fill the it with hot soapy water, tossing in the dishes a little too hard, while she muttered every curse word that she could come up with as she watched the basin fill.

The angry and irate woman stiffened when her husband slid up behind her and his arms caging her between the sink and himself. His smoky voice and cold breath hit the shell of her ear, causing a hot shiver to shoot down her back. "You're not my FUCKIN' possessions. You're my wife and she's my kid. I'll do what I think is best to keep you both fuckin' safe."

She turned off the water, then somehow twisted around so that her chest was flush with his own, her hot glare peering up at him. "And my parents would do that?"

He leaned in and growled "Fuck yeah they would, Sweetheart! Them and those goody goodies! I won't have anyone dead or alive comin' between us. Fuckers, thinking that they know what is fuckin' best for us, when the bitches don't know shit!"

A frown appeared on her face and her anger disappeared as fast as it came. "Betelgeuse, I wouldn't let them, you know that, right? You are my husband and I am on your side." She had taken vows with this man, she would honor those promises and stay faithfully by his side, just like he was doing with her.

The dead man in front of her let out a sigh of frustration, as he cupped her cheek tenderly and touch his forehead to hers. "I may be a loose fuckin' cannon and dangerous as all hell, but I'd never hurt either of you. No matter what any one of those assholes say, I'd never do that. Not to you and definitely not to Lucy. You're fuckin' safe with me. You'll always be safe."

She let out a frustrated sigh of her own, her tone softening now that she was no longer angry "I know you wouldn't hurt us. You are a good husband and father, Betelgeuse. All you have done from the start is take care of us."

His cool thumb ran slowly across her bottom lip, as he pulled away to stare in her coffee colored eyes. She could clearly see him internally debating over something, then she heard him whisper to himself "Fuck it." In a flash he was moving swiftly in and capturing her mouth roughly with his own. She didn't hesitate to kissed him back with the same fervor, as she threw her arms carelessly around his neck.

Quickly the heat between them spread like a wild fire and they both found themselves stumbling to the closest flat surface. Before either one of them knew it, she was flat on her back on the kitchen table, her night shirt pulled over her thighs and her panties drawn to the side to give her husband ample room to slide into her heated cord. Her tiny hands gripped desperately at the edges of the table and she fought the blush and a moan that wanted to spring forth from all of the dirty things the poltergeist was whispering in her ear, as he moved inside of her with the same rate that their passions were blazing.

It had been both fast and furious and it had left Lydia coming harder than she ever had in her life. She felt herself tightening around him and it didn't take him long to follow her. He moaned lowly in her ear as he came with the same intensity as she had, "Fuck Babes…Just fuck…"

His forehead rested against her own and they both laid in each other's embrace for some time, before the poltergeist made the first move to haul himself up so that he was hovering above her. He was grinning from ear to ear and his green eyes blazed brightly, as he let out a wolfish whistle. "Well hell, Sweets. I was not expecting that."

A giggle fell from her puffy lips and nodded tiredly in agreement "So not expected, though I think we both needed a little destressing."

"Shit Babe, you destressed me alright." He gave her a wink and she giggled some more, before pushing him off of her. After they both righted their clothes, Betelgeuse gave her another wink and a laugh bubbled forth, as he grabbed at her night shirt and tugged her to him. "Babes, how about we go destress some more?" He wiggled his eyebrows at her and she leaned up on her tiptoes, brushing her lips lightly against his, her hot breath hitting his cool ones "Okay." Another giggle sprang out of her, as she quickly retreated from his form and hurried to the doorway.

The poltergeist adjusted himself in his pajama pants and groaned "Well fuck me." Lydia paused at the doorframe, tilting her head over her shoulder and giving him a saucy smirk "Baby.." Her eyelashes fluttered and her voice dropped to a low and sensual lilt "that can be arranged…"

For a few seconds he was taken back by his tiny wife's forwardness, but quickly bounced back to his senses, giving her a predatory grin of his own and his tone smokier than before. "Is that so Babes…"

Her brown eyes widened as she watched his jade ones suddenly flash wildly and his grin broadening to that of a hunter hunting his prey. It caused a shiver of excitement to run through her and a sharp squeak of surprise to leave her lungs as her instincts urged her to hightail it away from this dangerous man.

Betelgeuse slowly stalked towards her, his pearlescent skin seemed to glow brighter with each closing step. Another squeal of surprised left her and she felt herself matching his steps with backward ones of her own. His grin became even wider, clearly amused by her actions, but never pausing in his pursuit. He watched his prey become twitchy, a sure sign that she was about to bolt and a barking laugh exploded from him, as his hand shot out just as she was ready to flee. He quickly drew her him and crashed his mouth to hers, before swiftly blinking them both out of sight.

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